How to Choose a Coffee Maker: (The Ultimate Guide)

According to Reuters, 79% of Americans preferred drinking coffee at home. Are you one of them?

I personally am. From personal experience, I can tell you that your coffee experience entirely relies on the coffee maker you use at home. A substandard coffee maker can ruin it for you. A much better approach is to put in a bit of thought to choose the right coffee maker.

Wondering how to choose a coffee maker?

coffee maker

If yes, worry not! I will share with you a complete guide to choose the best coffee maker. Using this guide in conjunction with superautomatic espresso machines available on the market will help you choose the coffee maker easily. I will share with you the parameters to consider and how to shortlist the best coffee maker. Without any ado, let us look at the things to consider.

1. Coffee type on offer

Which type of coffee do you want to brew?

You will be surprised to know that the same coffee maker can help you brew cappuccinos, espressos, and even lattes in some cases. While not all the coffee makers offer you every type of coffee, but many of them do.

You need to take into account the coffee types on offer and then choose the coffee maker. Doing so eliminates the need to buy multiple coffee makers.

Another distinction is based on the coffee used. Many machines allow you to use coffee powder, whereas others help you grind beans. Once again, it is your personal preference that can help you choose the right coffee maker.

If you prefer freshly ground coffee, you have to ensure that the coffee maker which you are choosing grinds as well. On the other hand, if you already have coffee powder, you can go with the conventional coffee maker. Some may not have a coffee grinder, so you have to buy it which costs you extra.

Thus, the very first distinction depends on the type of coffees on offer.

2. Serving size options

coffee maker Serving size options

What coffee serving size you prefer? 6 ounces or 8 ounces or drumful? If you choose the last one, you have a company.

On a more serious note, different coffee makers offer different serving sizes. Many coffee makers offer multiple serving sizes as well. You have to take into account the quantity of coffee you drink in a single serving and then take a call. Doing so will help you choose the best coffee maker.

Ideally, you should choose one that allows you multiple serving sizes. It makes it easy for you to make coffee for almost everyone. In case you go with the standard coffee, one with a serving size of 6 ounces will be perfect for you. The serving size is one of the factors on which you need to judge the coffee maker.

3. Reservoir size

Every coffee maker requires a water reservoir. The machine uses that to brew coffee and customizes its flavor according to the intensity which you have chosen. When choosing a coffee maker, taking into account the size of the reservoir is pretty essential. You might be thinking, why so it’s?

The water reservoir size determines the number of coffee cups that the machine can brew before requiring a refill. Nobody likes to refill the water reservoir after brewing a couple of cups.

Due to this very reason, you have to go with a coffee maker having a water reservoir capacity of 35 ounces or more. In that case, the maker can easily brew 6 cups of coffee or more before requiring a refill. It is just about perfect for personal use.

Of course, if you’re choosing the coffee maker for commercial applications, the reservoir size needs to be still larger.

Choosing a coffee maker with a very small water reservoir proves to be a headache. A much better option is to compare different coffee makers on this parameter and then choose one.

4. Cleaning mechanism

coffee maker Cleaning

I bought a coffee maker for convenience. That is why I hate spending a lot of time to clean it.

If you, too are like me, check the recommended cleaning mechanism before buying the coffee maker. Only when the cleaning procedure is easy to execute, can you go ahead with it?

There are essentially two different aspects you need to look at to judge the maintenance efforts which you would need to put in. These include:

Drip tray

Below the dispenser of the coffee maker, there should be a drip tray. It should be removable and easily washable. In that case, cleaning it becomes a cinch.

Removable water reservoir

Secondly, the water reservoir needs to be removable as well. In that case, you can wash and refill it. Once that is done, you can install it once again.

External casing

The external casing should be such that you can clean it. Preferably, it should be of stainless steel.

These three factors determine the ease of cleaning of the coffee maker. Only when it is easy to clean, you should go ahead and buy it.

5. Form factor

Our countertops are becoming more and more cluttered with appliances, utensils, and other accessories. Nobody has the space for a bulky coffee maker. Moreover, many homemakers and coffee lovers prefer a portable coffee maker.

All this points to just one thing. That is, you need to choose a compact coffee maker. You can do so only when you look at its dimensions in advance. Shortlisting the coffee maker depending on the dimension helps you choose the most compact one.

6. Temperature setting

coffee maker Temperature setting

The ideal temperature to brew coffee is between 196 F to 205 F. If the coffee maker does not offer such a temperature, you cannot get that delicious cafe-like taste.

The good news is that most coffee makers list the temperature range clearly in their specifications. If you’re very particular about the temperature, you can choose one that allows you to select the temperature yourself. There are many coffee makers with a digital display to help you choose the exact temperature. Buying one such coffee maker ensures that you get a flavorful and strong coffee.

The level of precision you need in your coffee maker will determine which one you want to buy. If you need precision up to the last detail, choosing one which allows you to set the temperature is a right choice. If you need a more hands-free operation, you have to ensure that the temperature is within the range mentioned above. Once that is the case, you can buy the coffee maker.

7. Additional features

Coffee makers these days offer a variety of other features as well. You need to decide which features you prefer and choose the coffee maker accordingly. Some of these features include:

Auto shutdown mechanism

The coffee makers offering this feature are energy efficient. The auto-shutdown mechanism means that the machine will turn off after a predetermined period of no activity. For example, a coffee maker will shut down after 10 minutes of no use. In that case, even if you forget to turn it off, you do not have to worry.

Preprogrammed timer

Some coffee makers allow you to schedule your coffee in advance. Did you know that?
For example, you can set the timer up to 24 hours in advance to do so. At the exact time, it would brew coffee on its own. That way, you do not have to worry about forgetting your cup of coffee or missing your schedule.

Intensity of coffee

Many individuals like their coffee to be strong on some days and mild on others. If you’re one of them, a few coffee makers offer you different intensity settings as well. If you prefer customization, you should go with such coffee makers.

While comparing different coffee makers, it is not necessary to opt for ones that have all these three features. You have to determine which feature is more important to you and choose the coffee maker accordingly.