9 Best Cases For Your iPhone 14 Pro 2024 – Protective Gear for Your New iPhone

The new iPhone 14 Pro has been on the market so have you got yours? It is surely a bit expensive as its starting price is $999. So if you are spending so much money on it, you will also have to make sure that it remains safe. But can you prevent incidents from happening? Of course, not. Not everything is under our control. Therefore, you need to get the protective case for your new iPhone 14 Pro.

So let’s have a look at some of the choices that we have for you.

1. BossKiss compatible with iPhone 14 Pro case, Premium liquid silicone

BossKiss compatible with iPhone 14 Pro case

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Silicone protective cases are the best because they are soft and add an extra layer of cushion. Thus, the case not only gives it protection against hits but also protects it from slight falls. However, what’s different about this protector is that it is made from liquid silicone that gives it a velvety touch. Furthermore, the case is dustproof so it won’t catch any dust particles on it. Additionally, it is quite sturdy so you won’t have to be very careful with it.

Another interesting thing about this case is that it has an improvement. The edges of this gel rubber case are 2mm thick. Thus, it adds additional safety to the mobile phone. Also, this will not let the screen have more wear. As a result of this, your phone screen will be protected even if you drop the phone from some height. The cover will offer shock-absorbance and will protect the whole phone. Interestingly, it passes the safety test of 10 inches drop size 3000 times.

In addition to this, it is originally designed for the new phone release. Therefore, it won’t cause any problems but will fit perfectly. Moreover, it will also fit all the details of your new iPhone. There is the microphone outlet and the power button and camera, everything just fits perfectly. And it is offering a number of different color choices so there won’t be a problem with buying your favorite color.

Additionally, you will also get a screen protector along with the phone case. So you won’t have to buy the screen protector separately. Furthermore, their screen protector is of high quality having a multi-layer formation. It is resistant to tampering and has a 9H hardness level. This makes it better than many other screen protectors present in the mart.

2. Smartish iPhone 14 Pro slim case – Gripmunk

Smartish iPhone 14 Pro slim case

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This Gripmunk phone case is quite decent and stylish. You will have a range of colors to choose from. And if you do not want a solid color, you will also have the option of getting the floral print. There is another design with galaxy colors and lights. So if you are interested in that sort of thing, that one is simply amazing.

One of the problems with cases is that they make your phone a bit thick and heavy. Thus, the risk of dropping it increases. However, Gripmunk has resolved this issue by making the case extra grippy. So there is a good grip that will let you hold it perfectly fine. Furthermore, to prevent any extra weight, the edges and corners have air pockets. Thus, they will act as airbags and prevent any damage and also extra weight.

With this case, you are getting yourself a protector for the screen and camera protection of your phone. Furthermore, it is compatible with wireless and Magsafe chargers. So, if you have to use a wireless charger, you won’t have to worry about it. Things will work out in your favor.

3. Case-Mate soap bubble protector

Case-Mate soap bubble protector

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This is one of the best protectors that you will get for your iPhone 14 pro. You will get all the best features here. It has a translucent iridescent swirl pattern that makes it look super attractive. In addition to this, the cover will also reflect the light and give the rainbow vibes. This is a dreamy look that you will fall in love with.

If you accidentally drop your phone so much that you need the best protector then you have got it right here. It has a 10 feet drop protection. So if you drop your phone too often, the soft cushion will protect it at all costs. The bezels are raised around the corners. Plus, all the edges have a soft cushion. So you will have 360-degree protection for your phone.

The best thing is that it offers wireless charging. So, you can use your wireless charger without any worry. Plus, it is made from recycled materials. So if you are conscious of the environment, you will love it.

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4. Tech 21, Evo sparkle compatible with iPhone 14

Tech 21, Evo sparkle compatible with iPhone 14

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TPU, PET film material is used for this case. This makes it a safe case for your iPhone. Moreover, it has this self-cleaning feature. An innovative formula is used to make this case that protects it from UV rays. So if you are worried that this transparent cover will get yellow (as many others), then you are wrong. This won’t happen to it because of the special formula.

Along with the edges, the area around the camera is also raised. Thus, it protects it from scratches and getting in contact with anything when you put it on the table. The deeper bezels will protect the phone as well as the camera lens. Moreover, the case has a sparkle effect made with glitter. This adds some shimmer to it and makes it look attractive. So if you need protection with style, this is it.

One of the smart things that we use today is wireless chargers. However, many phone cases are not compatible with them. As a result of this, the phone does not get charged. But this won’t be a problem here. This case has magnets in it, which will connect the mobile with the charger seamlessly.

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