Top 3 Best Wireless Voice Control Mouses 2023 – Compatible With PC/Mac

Every day, many up-gradations take place in various computer components like a mouse, keyboard, etc. For physically-disabled people, using a hands-free mouse is the best solution. Many brands manufacture such components, but it does not mean you can pick any random device.

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There are plenty of things that one must consider. Make sure that it should be compatible with your Mac and Windows computer systems. In the following write-up, we will discuss various things you must consider while buying the best wireless voice control mouse. After knowing your considerations, you can pick from any mentioned option.

Without using your hands, you can operate the mouse and complete all your tasks on your computer. It is portable and easy to connect with your smartphone. Know everything about such components and buy a suitable device.

Our Top Reviewed Picks

You can pick any of the best mouses with wireless and voice control features. You must know every detail about the products before investing your money in such a component.

1. FreeSay Wireless AI-based Voice Control Mouse

FREESAY AI Voice Wireless Mouse


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Freesay voice mouse, can do voice typing, translation and voice searching and voice commands to open APP/Website/file. It is suitable and practical for  elders, also it can be used by writers; international trade; back office; doctors; call center; teachers/students. Most of other voice mouses say they can do 110+ languages, it is not true, they can only do Chinese and English recognition, and the 110+ languages is just English translate to 110+ languages. Freesay voice mouse recognize 120+ languages, translate 210+ lanaguages.

So it is not only a mouse because it can do much more. With the help of this component, you can type anything on the screen by using the voice typing feature. You can speak, and it will type the sentence quickly.

Even if you want the translation of your language, this mouse can also do so. You can translate your voice to any foreign language and type it on the document.

If you want to search for anything, you can use the voice search command to find any word or phrase.

There is 97% accuracy in voice recognition, which is hard to see in another product. If you want to use this wireless mouse, you can easily hold it with a comfortable grip. If you are afraid of hand soreness, you can also keep your hands free.

2. Generic Voice-control Wireless AI-based Rechargeable Mouse

2020 New Voice Control Wireless Rechargeable Mouse Smart

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This wireless AI-based mouse is compatible with different Windows and Mac versions. You can pick any foreign language out of the 110 available options. It can easily recognize your voice commands and operate the cursor accordingly. It can translate any foreign language and type everything you speak. You can work efficiently by using the device.

If you are physically disabled, you can control the mouse cursor by your voice. Make sure that you configure the settings and sync all your devices.

You can do many things on your computer using this wireless voice-control AI-based mouse. Its advanced technology can help you do anything on your Windows or Mac computer system.

3. Mouse Cimaybeauty

Mouse Cimaybeauty

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There is no need to type lengthy paragraphs when you can press a single button and speak on a microphone. It is easy to translate your voice into any foreign language. This device supports more than 120 languages.

The voice recognition feature uses your voice to type the content on the screen. You can also recharge the battery once it is over. It comes with rechargeable batteries that you need to charge using a USB cable.

Its fantastic design with a comfortable grip and slim appearance will make you use this device. If you want to search for anything on the screen, you need to say that word or phrase to get the results. It is an excellent portable mouse to connect to any computer and work remotely.

Basic Considerations

Check Cursor Controls

You have to move the cursor to click on things visible on the screen. You have to check how the cursor works on a specific device. There is a feature to control the cursor by using head movements, voice commands, or through eyes in many hands-free or wireless mouses.

You can use your voice to move the cursor and do anything on your computer. It is necessary to check the speech recognition feature of the device. You should also check the speed of the cursor and how precise it works on your voice.

Checking the Quality of Mouse Buttons

You have to count the number of buttons and check their material quality. Whenever you press them, it should operate smoothly. If you use your voice, you should check how it activates or any indicator. Before you operate the device, you have to configure the commands in your computer and synchronize other devices.

Know the Hardware Requirements

To operate the voice-control wireless mouse, you must detect what hardware components you need. When you get information, you have to prepare your system better to use the mouse. Some people cannot invest in expensive components, and therefore, you should also look for alternatives.


The mouse should be compatible with Mac or Windows computers. Before buying a mouse, you must check what operating system is running on your computer. The mouse must be compatible with the operating system to work smoothly. The configuration of the mouse can quickly be done on only compatible devices. Therefore, it is a must to check the compatibility of your mouse.


Generally, wireless mouses are portable, and you can take them with you to any place. Even if you have a laptop, you can easily connect the wireless mouse and operate it with your voice commands. You should always check the portability feature whenever you buy such a component. In this way, you can efficiently work remotely.


You have to check whether the mouse works on batteries or not. When using the voice recognition feature, you need to find a quiet place to speak and command the component. You have to check how loud you have to speak so that the device picks the commands and follows them. The other thing is the maintenance of the device. You have to track small details of the device.

The Bottom Line

If you are searching for the best wireless voice-control mouse compatible with Mac or Windows PC, you must know the factors you should consider. You need to connect the mouse with wireless technologies and enable voice recognition. The device will take all your voice commands and follow them accordingly. You can do plenty of operations by not even touching the mouse physically.

It is worth investing your money in wireless, portable, compatible, and highly efficient mouses. But you need to ensure that you go through all the product details before investing your money. You will get the best product only when you understand your requirements and know the best available components. Invest your time to explore the best device before buying any mouse.