11 Best Portable Monitors 2024 – Top External Laptop Equipment

Having one of the best portable monitors is something that allows you to get the work done in less time right? Having a high-quality portable monitor cannot just increase the workspace for your computer or laptop but also takes your productivity to a whole new level.

Best Choice
ASUS MB169C+ 15.6" Full HD 1920x1080 IPS USB Type-C Powered Eye Care Portable Monitor
Good Choice
ASUS ZenScreen 15.6” 1080P Portable USB Monitor (MB16AC) - Full HD (1920 x 1080), IPS, USB Type-C,...
Don't Miss
AOC e1659Fwu 15.6-Inch Ultra Slim 1366x768 Res 200 cd/m2 Brightness USB 3.0-Powered Portable LED...
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ViewSonic TD2230 22 Inch 1080p 10-Point Multi Touch Screen IPS Monitor with HDMI and...
ASUS MB169C+ 15.6" Full HD 1920x1080 IPS USB Type-C Powered Eye Care Portable Monitor
ASUS ZenScreen 15.6” 1080P Portable USB Monitor (MB16AC) - Full HD (1920 x 1080), IPS, USB Type-C,...
AOC e1659Fwu 15.6-Inch Ultra Slim 1366x768 Res 200 cd/m2 Brightness USB 3.0-Powered Portable LED...
ViewSonic TD2230 22 Inch 1080p 10-Point Multi Touch Screen IPS Monitor with HDMI and...
Best Choice
ASUS MB169C+ 15.6" Full HD 1920x1080 IPS USB Type-C Powered Eye Care Portable Monitor
ASUS MB169C+ 15.6" Full HD 1920x1080 IPS USB Type-C Powered Eye Care Portable Monitor
Good Choice
ASUS ZenScreen 15.6” 1080P Portable USB Monitor (MB16AC) - Full HD (1920 x 1080), IPS, USB Type-C,...
ASUS ZenScreen 15.6” 1080P Portable USB Monitor (MB16AC) - Full HD (1920 x 1080), IPS, USB Type-C,...
Don't Miss
AOC e1659Fwu 15.6-Inch Ultra Slim 1366x768 Res 200 cd/m2 Brightness USB 3.0-Powered Portable LED...
AOC e1659Fwu 15.6-Inch Ultra Slim 1366x768 Res 200 cd/m2 Brightness USB 3.0-Powered Portable LED...
Also Consider
ViewSonic TD2230 22 Inch 1080p 10-Point Multi Touch Screen IPS Monitor with HDMI and...
ViewSonic TD2230 22 Inch 1080p 10-Point Multi Touch Screen IPS Monitor with HDMI and...

So if you’re an office guy or a businessman, a gaming enthusiast and looking for one of these for a long time and haven’t found one yet then, you’re right here at the correct spot because I have compiled a list of over 15 portable monitors of all types for you to help you out in getting the best portable monitor.

Keep in mind, the portable monitors that I tracked down for are from some of the popular brands and you might know what I am talking about, I am talking about the ASUS, Acer, Sony, Gechic, AOC, etc and they never compromise on the quality of each product they release on the market.

Matter of fact, portable monitors are one of those and are all of the good quality. With that being said, let’s dive into the best portable monitor reviews list 2024.

Comparison Table:

I recommend the ASUS MB169c+ and ASUS Zenscreen MB16AC more as these portable monitors are reliable and high quality in all aspects. If you feel like reading the reviews would take the most of your time, go for these.

Best External Portable Monitors Reviewed

Ad1. Trio: The on-The-go Dual & Triple Screen Laptop Monitor, Full HD 1080P IPS Display

Trio: The on-The-go Dual & Triple Screen Laptop Monitor


This amazing dual & triple screen laptop monitor is a perfect choice for anyone that spends a lot of time working away from their office desks. It is a great substitution for less convenient and cumbersome methods such as iPad or USB monitors since it provides you with a hassle-free work environment.

The screen of this monitor works flawlessly, and the picture is crisp, clear, and very pleasant for the eyes. What separates this product from the rest of the pack is its stable casing, which you will rarely encounter, especially in this price range. You are able to move the screen to multiple angles effortlessly, without it falling over and causing annoyance during your work hours.

The magnet connection is super strong, so you will be able to attach the monitor very fast and very easily. The only drawback of this unit is its weight. We found that it is a bit on the heavier side, which can be inconvenient as it adds more weight to your bag. However, this is mostly nitpicking, as all the advantages that come with this fine unit far outweigh the disadvantages.

We highly recommend this monitor for everyone that needs to work on the go and for everyone that requires more than just one screen in their line of work. Portable, convenient, and compact, this unit is a worthy consideration you should definitely check out.

  • The screen can be moved in multiple angles
  • Crisp and clean screen
  • Portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Full 270 degrees rotation with 180 degrees presentation mode
  • A bit heavy


2. ASUS MB169C+ USB Type-C Portable Monitor

ASUS MB169C+ USB Type-C Portable Monitor


Getting a 2nd panel like ASUS MB169C+ is great for people who want to step up their productivity level. Regardless of that, it’s categorized in one of the best USB powered portable monitors having the dimension and design that makes it look cool and stands out than many best portable monitors on the market.

The other factor is the occupation of lag-free performance that makes it a perfect boon for productivity while eliminating many of the flaws that it’s predecessors have. With that said, let’s continue to the ASUS MB169C+ portable monitor review.

On the design side, the ASUS MB169C+ stands out than many best portable monitors. Its dimensions of 379W x 236H x 8.5D are what make the MB169C+ a slimmest portable monitor on the market. You might have seen some portable screen that weighs way heavy and it’s difficult for a normal person to carry that around and on the other hand, the ASUS MB169C+ is the lightest one with the weight of approximately 800 grams which is easy to move around with it.

Speaking of the MB169C+ predecessors, they offer the TN panel and one example of this is the MB169B+. Now I am not making a wrong statement about the TN panel but the IPS panel is way better than the TN panel and that’s what the MB169C+ portable USB monitor offers.

The display delivers rich color with crisp and clear images that’s all because of the 1920 x 1080 pixels resolutions along with the contrast ratio of 700:1. Other than that you are provided with the feature where you can easily adjust the brightness of the portable monitor and aspect ratio of 16:9 where the ASUS MB169C+ provides.

  • Delivers the lag free performance.
  • Comes with a full HD display.
  • Lighter than many other USB-C portable monitors.
  • Decent Design.
  • Offer the IPS panel .
  • Eats up the laptop’s battery faster.
  • No TV tuner.

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3. ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC Portable USB Monitor

ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC Portable USB Monitor


Brighter than the ASUS MB169C+, yet ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC is another best portable monitor in our list. The reason it’s on number 2 of the list is that of it’s best features, specs and the design is on a whole new level. Release back in April 2017, the ZenScreen MB16AC proved itself to be a better one than other portable USB monitors in the fray. With that said, let’s look through everything in details.

First, I want to talk about the weight which is approximately 2.8 pounds along with the cover but when I removed the cover and checked the weight again, it almost reduced to 1.7 pounds and that is what makes the ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC one of the lighter portable monitors on the market.

Moreover, it has the 14.6 x 8.9 x 0.3 inches dimension that is pretty acceptable to fit in your bag or carrying case. The interesting thing is the protective cover on the ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC which helps the monitor to cope with any sort of scratches during traveling or any other situation. Similarly, you can also use the cover as a stand as it’s thick enough to tolerate the weight of your portable monitor.

I would rather start with the ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC’s 15.6-inch display before getting into anything else just because it’s one of the best portable monitors with an awesome display. The interesting fact is that the monitor offers a full HD display of 1920×1080P resolutions display which is brighter enough to see everything crisp and clear.

The max brightness that was calculated during the test is 179.6 nits which are way better than the ASUS MB169C+. Moreover, you’re also provided with two separate brightness modes where one can be used for gaming and the other one is for watching movies and stuff, where I found that the default brightness was much higher.

  • You can easily connect it from USB-C to USB-C.
  • One of the best designs from ASUS.
  • Performance without lag.
  • Flicker-free blue light filter technology for brightness.
  • Thin and lighter.
  • Easy Setup.
  • Good with all modern computers.
  • Unimpressive stand.
  • Smart cover is a bit floppy.

4. GeChic 1503H 15.6″ IPS 1080p Portable Monitor

GeChic 1503H 15.6" IPS 1080p Portable Monitor


The Gechic 1503H is one of the best portable monitors released back in October 2016. It also has some of the similar features to the first 2 monitors that I reviewed in the list. Like the ASUS MB169C+ and ZenScreen MB16AC, the Gechic On-Lap 1503H portable monitor is also powered with the IPS panel and has the same display of 15.6-inch as the other two has.

On the other side, I am not in favor of the 1503H design as in comparison to other devices on our list, the design isn’t that impressive. But just because of its awesome features and specs, I got a thought of reviewing it for you. That said, let’s dive into what the Gechic 1503H offers for you.

The best thing about the Gechic On-Lap 1503H portable monitor is that it’s more satisfactory on the weight. It came out to be only 1.8 pounds which is easy to carry around during long travels. But fitting it in your laptop’s bag might be a struggle as it’s a bit thick and offers the dimensions of 15 x 0.4 x 9.7 in along with the overall display size of 15.6-inch which might be a tight fit in some the 14-inch laptop bags.

However, Gechic 1503H is a perfect fit in other large-sized bags. The edges on the monitor are curved and come with the black large bezel which is made out of good quality plastic. On the other side, you have a plastic cover on the monitor’s screen that keeps it safe from any sort of scratches where the other parts of this best HDMI portable monitor are completely naked to dents and scratches even if you attach the cover.

Moreover, the stand on the device is embedded with magnets and can rotate in three directions. Without the embedded magnets you would feel it fiddly and flappy sometimes but to avoid that, I strongly recommend using the magnets to keep it balanced all the time.

There’s is no doubt in this that GeChic always power up their devices with the top of the list specs and features and the same is the case with the Gechic 1504H. The portable monitor has the 1920 x1080 resolutions to offer along with an anti-glare display. Similarly, the brightness on the 1504H was way higher than the other two monitors at #1 and #2 with 300 cd/m2.

However, the contrast ratio was found the same in comparison to the other two at 700:1. Moreover, the Gechic 1503H is proved as one of the best portable monitors with an active area of 344.2mm x 193.5mm where on the other hand I found that the monitor has almost the same 0.179mm pixel pitch as almost all portable monitor has. But comparing the other features and specs with the other monitors makes the GeChic 1504H way more different. Commonly, most of portable monitors consume more power.

Most of them that I had experience withdraw almost 7V. but here we have the Gechic 1503H HDMI portable monitor that requires only 5V power which is another plus point. The speakers on the monitor don’t have a good audio quality which I didn’t expect but still better than the other ones like the Lilliput.

  • Comes with IPS panel
  • Great design
  • Good performance
  • Display delivers crisp images
  • Balanced with a stand
  • Consume less power.
  • Many connectivity options
  • Comes pricey
  • A little heavy

5. AOC I1601FWUX USB Type-C Portable Monitor

AOC I1601FWUX USB Type-C Portable Monitor


No matter what, smartphones are always preferable on the go but when you have a laptop it’s more likely to run out of space while doing multitasking. So here is another best portable monitor named as AOC i1601fwux which is more portable than any other screens out there in the market. Doesn’t matter if you’re an office guy or a traveling geek, you’ll never get bothered by the lightweight of the portable monitor. That said, let me give you a detailed AOC i1601fwux review.

Having a color depth of 262,000, the AOC i1601fwux has a size of 15.6-inch just like most of the portable monitors. The display is matte where on the side it’s wrapped up by a bezel which is made out of good quality glossy plastic which has the black color which most likely can get scratches pretty easily.

On the left side, you’ll find a button meant for performing a different function and a USB type C port which most likely makes it one of the best USB powered portable monitors in the fray. On the other hand, we have the chassis on the rear which is completely made out of high-quality metal material.

It’s most likely the same as other best portable monitors on the list with the few little differences in the specs and features. The reason I said that is because of its brightness of 220 cd/m² which is the same as the ASUS MB169C+. Similarly, it also has the max resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels plus the contrast ratio of 700:1.

But what interesting came out on the performance side was that it responds within a max of 5ms which is way more responsive than the Gechic 1503H.

  • Nice ergonomics
  • 1080P display
  • Slim design
  • Low response time
  • Great contrast ratio
  • Comes with IPS panel
  • Lighter with 1.574 pounds
  • Brighter
  • No controls
  • not supportive of USB 2.0 and 3.0

6. AOC E1659FWU 16-Inch Ultra Slim Portable Monitor

AOC E1659FWU 16-Inch Ultra Slim Portable Monitor


Here you got another screen all the way from AOC you can get under $200, the AOC E1659FWU. It isn’t as good as the i1601fwux but it’s a fact that good things come expensive where the E1659FWU cheaper one. But without comparison, it’s one of the best portable monitors on its own. Matter of fact, it offers many specs and features in this low-end price tag. So with further ado, let’s hop in straight into the AOC E1659FWU portable monitor review.

Comparing its predecessor which is e1649fwu, the AOC E1659FWU is much better on the design side. It’s sleeker and has beautiful looks. On the other side, it’s back and side is prone to fingerprints which are a common thing for most of the best portable monitors.

However, it’s back is made up of a high-quality plastic where a foldable sturdy stainless steel kickstand is attached to it and next to the stand you find out a big logo of AOC company. The groove of the stand is a USB 3.0 which is one of the cool things about the AOC.

Moreover, the AOC E1659FWU measure in at 14.8 x 9.2 x 0.9 inches and it came out to be thinner than some portable USB monitors like bulbous e1649fwu at 0.9-inch but larger than the many USB powered portable monitor where much lighter than the e1649Fwu at 2.4 pounds. As much as I am concerned with the design, it’s a better one but not as good as the previous portable monitor that I reviewed at #4 which is i1601fwux. But under 200 bucks, it completely worth it.

So now that we’re done with the design, let’s get to know more about the specs and features of the portable monitor this what which will make you aware of the grounds of the device. That said, let’s proceed. Shou we? The first thing that I would like to mention is the display on the AOC E1659FWU portable monitor which is most likely a full HD with the resolutions of 1366 x 768 at 60 Hz with the delivery of 16:9 aspect ratio.

Moreover, it also offers a dynamic contrast ratio of 500:1 and what more interesting thing is the 16 million colors that the screen offers. Providing the viewing angles up to 180 degrees and vertical viewing angles of 100, the AOC E1659FWU is the finest monitor that you can rotate on an angle at the range of 180. It’s more likely less bright than the AOC i1601fwux having the brightness of 200 cd/m².

  • Best performance
  • Nice design
  • Work with all devices
  • easy connectivity
  • offers decent specs
  • Rich display
  • Issues with MAC
  • Can catch up fingerprints

7. Gechic 2501C 15.6 Portable Monitor

Gechic 2501C 15.6 Portable Monitor


If you’re more into business, having the best USB powered portable monitor like Gechic 2501C is essential for improving your productivity level. Because it’s better for having two screens instead of one screen. With a laptop, you would achieve your milestone, but not in less time.

On the other side, that helps you achieve your milestones in less time so that you can have some extra time for more tasks. With said, Gechic 2501C is full of exciting features that I’ll be discussing in the Gechic 2501C USB powered portable monitor review. So let’s get to it.

When it first got to me it was hard to believe how this portable monitor looks with nice ergonomics. I mean look at, isn’t it a best-looking device? Matter of fact, it’s one of the slimmest portable monitors on the market with a thickness of 1.28 in, not as thin as the AOC E1659FWU but still, according to its dimensions and weight, the device is completely fine this way.

Just to let you know, the Gechic 2501C USB powered portable monitor is 15.6-inch in size that measures the dimension of 15.5 x 10.2 x 0.6 inches. However, it weighs 1.7 pounds which is not as heavy as I expected. But that’s enough for defining how portable this monitor is. Built on a TN panel, the monitor is the finest device that provides a protective case for its screen along with the thin bezels housing its sides.

The case is foldable and the coolest thing is that it can also be used as a stand for per perfect balance. The overall design on the Gechic 2501C portable monitor follows a white color that also resides the buttons on the left front which are touch-sensitive and controls many functions on the monitor.

Do you know what makes it one of the best portable monitors? Because it’s more supportive on the connectivity side by offering the USB, VGA, and HDMI options. But here’s the real deal, you’re also getting a 3.5mm audio jack to plug in your headphones for a nice audio experience. The movable monitor comes with a built-in speaker which isn’t that of good quality.

However, it’s highly recommended to use headphones instead. Moreover, the Gechic 2501c offers a protection cover and what interesting I found about this cover is that it doubles itself to form a stand for the portable monitor that on portrait and landscape mode. It’s obvious that when you’re sitting in the dark, it’s more likely to see everything on the screen.

But is it possible to see everything more clear while you’re out there in the sunlight? Absolutely yes, because the Gechic 2501c ultra-sharp display can provide a clear image of in any type of environment anytime and anywhere.

  • Beautiful design.
  • Fast performance.
  • HD display.
  • Offers a TN-panel
  • Slim.
  • Supported by all devices
  • Different connectivity options.
  • We found nothing inappropriate about the portable monitor.

8. Hori Universal HD Portable Gaming Monitor

Hori Universal HD Portable Gaming Monitor


Are you gaming enthusiast? Bored with prolonging gaming sessions just with your laptop or may you just want to have a second screen for the ultimate gaming experience. If that is so, here is the hori universal HD portable gaming monitor that I reviewed for you along with the detailed explanation which will help you find out exactly what hori universal HD monitor offers. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

The name portable is given to a because of a reason which means portable monitors should always come with the low weight and dimension. The same is the case with the Hori Universal HD portable gaming monitor that comes with a weight of almost 3 pounds along with dimensions of 15.6 x 13.5 x 7.6 inches which are quite compact for a normal person to carry around in his laptop’s backpack or any carrying case.

Similarly, the Hori universal HD portable monitor’s dimensions are what it allows it to fit in your bag perfectly. Don’t believe me, check on other enormous monitors that will sweat you out pretty much while doing that. Much of a talk I guess on the design side, let me explain the features on the Hori Universal HD gaming monitor. Same as most of the monitors on the list, the universal HD has the 1366 x 768 pixels display which quite cool for such movable devices.

On the performance level, the Hori Universal HD never compromises. With the display test, I came to know about a lot of things like, the smoothness of fast-moving object in the game, delivery of rich colors and most important thing that I would appreciate more in this best portable monitor is the delivery of Full HD sharp images and clear vision of each title on the GTA V and PUBG.

Setting the screen on native resolutions of 720 pixels is more recommended as the resolutions look perfect in these settings. More than that might get you in trouble and don’t worry about the 720 pixels, everything looks perfectly fine on these resolutions. But still, if you’re not satisfied with such pixels, tune it to full resolutions, it’ll work fine but you might experience some lag sometimes.

There’s no second thought beyond that the Hori Universal HD is the best HDMI portable monitor. But what throws this device into the embarrassment zone are the rechargeable batteries that it doesn’t offer and the audio quality on the speakers is much on an unimpressive side.
  • Decent looking portable monitor.
  • Shows no lag lag during prolong gameplay.
  • Full HD display.
  • Weighs lighter for an average person.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Doesn’t offer extra rechargeable batteries.
  • Not the best quality speaker.

9. ViewSonic TD2230 Amazing Portable Touch Screen Monitor

ViewSonic TD2230 Amazing Portable Touch Screen Monitor


It’s another best portable monitor in the list, not a sleeker one in comparison to other but ViewSonic td2230 is still the finest device in all other means. Yet best for all kinds of tasks like gaming, video editing, and photoshop editing. Don’t take my words, just find out everything yourself in the Viewsonic td2230 review. So let me proceed to that without further talking.

I will start with the design of the ViewSonic td2230 which is quite the same is Planar PCT2235 because the screen size and the thin bezels on both portable monitors are almost the same. Also, both of them are the same on the weight which is 7.9 pounds along with the same smooth display and glassy surface.

The overall size of the portable monitor measures in at 21.5-inch and that is what makes our ViewSonic td2230 one of the best portable monitors with large size screen but still, the dimensions are suitable for portability.

It’s a fact that the ViewSonic td2230 uses a large screen but do you know what technology the device is using? no right? so here it is. On the display, you’ll find out a 10 points responsive technology that allows the monitor to zoom, tap, pinch and swipe the images with much ease with its touch screen which also comes with the hardness of 7H.

The IPS panel is another best thing featured inside this nice looking portable monitor. The IPS panel is what makes the display look more good by adding a liquid crystal touch to it.

Other than that, we have the 220cd/m^2 screen brightness on the ViewSonic td2230 which is quite the same as most of the other devices on our portable monitor’s list. Also, the display features 16.7 million colors while the 1920 x 1080 pixels resolutions and 1000:1 contrast ratio delivery.

I must say, the contrast ratio is way better than other best portable monitors on the market. Before we go out there in the market and look for a device, we always keep in mind the intended use of the device in the mind. right?

Similarly, the ViewSonic td2230 is intended for all kinds of tasks including gaming, video editing, photoshop editing, watching movies, office use, etc. The reason for that is the multi-connectivity options like USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, and VGA that the HDMI portable monitor is offering.

  • Best for multi-tasking.
  • Elegant design.
  • high-end performance.
  • Crystal display.
  • Nice contrast ratio.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • Good quality audio speakers.
  • Yellow vision of a screen from off center.
  • Bezel-free.
  • DVI problem.

10. Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 14 Widescreen LED Monitor

Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 14 Widescreen LED Monitor


Now that we’re at the second last of the best USB powered portable monitor, let me introduce you the Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 which a 14-inch wide monitor intended to let you have more workspace so that can get the most out of your time. With the 1.8 pounds weight, the device is extremely portable. That said let’s have a full read of Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 full review.

To be honest, on the design side LT1421 didn’t impress me that much as the ASUS MB169C+ and ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC did. But without keeping those portable monitors in mind, the LT1421 is still a decent one in the fray. It’s lightweight of 1.8 pounds but with the protecting case it goes up to 2.97 pounds is a decent thing about the device. Similarly, it’s simmer with 9.3mm going up to the level of the Apple notebooks.

With the 1366 x 768P resolutions and contrast ratio of 400:1, it’ll take your experience to a level of so-called mainstream notebook along with good quality image quality where you would be able to see all titles clearly on the monitor. Its brightness level is 200 cd/m^2 and that is lower than that of the ViewSonic td2230. Not a bad thing but the brighter portable monitors are better.

The response time of 8ms is what keeps the device faster during performing different tasks. On the outside of the portable monitor, you’re not provided with controls except the brightness buttons. Instead, you have the digital controls on the screen that can help you in guiding the monitor. Matter of fact you’re provided with the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectivity options excluding the VGA and HDMI.

  • Decent design.
  • Low response time.
  • More display features.
  • Brighter enough.
  • Less weight.
  • Slimmer.
  • Low contrast ratio.
  • Its cover is bulky.
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11. HP Elite S140u display 14-inch USB Portable Monitor

HP Elite S140u display 14-inch USB Portable Monitor


Finally, we’re at our last portable monitor, HP Elite S140u which used all of its means in satisfying me more. All of the features are on top of the line and most likely I am more impressed with the design because it looks more of a modern one.

The USB powered portable monitor has the same 14-inch display list the ThinkVision LT1421 at #9. So let me give you a full HP Elite S140u review for better understanding. Starting with the design, according to my views there’s no other best USB powered portable monitor in our list that has such professional design with a weight of 3 pounds. Matter of fact, it’s multi-tasking monitor that thinner at less than 1-inch.

The dimensions of a 14-inch display might sound small but the HP Elite S140u is always perfect for business presentations and office work. At the dual-screen setup, the portable monitor is proved to be the fine companion of a person and helps you in all means. What makes the HP Elite S140u from other USB portable monitors is that it offers magnetic cover that not only help you to use it as a stand but it’s more convenient during traveling.

The delivery of higher resolutions of 1366 x 768 pixels is what I liked more about the monitor as it allowed me to have a crisp and clear image of everything with on top of the line brightness of 200 cd/m2. Built upon TN-Panel, the HP Elite S140u has even more to offer.

With the USB 3.0 connectivity options, it’s easy to connect the device with your computer or laptop. But the problem with the monitor is that it doesn’t have any VGA or HDMI connectivity option, so you have to survive only on USB.

  • Professional design.
  • Incredible performance.
  • Crisp and clear resolutions.
  • Made for multitasking.
  • HD resolutions.
  • Brighter.
  • Doesn’t have HDMI and VGA connectivity.

Best Portable Monitors Buyer’s Guide

Best Portable Monitors Buyer's Guide

Before getting your hands on any these portable monitors, I have some important facts to mention to help more in choosing the best companion for your daily life. So here it goes like this.

Display: A display with more resolutions is more likely to deliver a sharp and clear image quality right. Most of the portable monitors that we reviewed have high resolutions. But here I am recommending getting one with the 1366 x 768 pixels resolutions.

Type: You might a traveler, an office guy, or a hardcore gaming fan. According to your requirements, don’t go for the wrong option. Choose the one that is meant for a specific purpose. Yeah, that’s possible that you get the one that can allow multitasking. But more likely I would suggest being more specific.

Connectivity: It’s fine to have one of the best portable monitors with the only USB option. But it would be much better if you get the one that also has the HDMI and VGA options as it’ll allow you to connect to many devices like consoles and LED screens.

Design: It doesn’t matter what design the portable monitor is as long as it delivers what you’re expecting from it. But still, you’re not happy with the design, I would recommend to the HP Elite S140u at #10, AOC E1659FWU at #6 and ASUS MB169C+ at #1 which are the decent looking best portable monitors on the design side.

Response: It’s no rumor that the performance is highly dependent on the response time. The devices with more response time are laggy. So here, I would like you to choose the portable monitor that has the maximum response time of 8ms because they’re much better in performance.

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So that we’re done with the top 10 best portable monitors list, I would like to wrap up everything for you. From professional to gaming to traveling portable monitors, we picked the best ones from them and reviewed them for you. You pick anyone according to your needs.

We did a lot of struggle to pick the best portable monitor, the testing phase was easy but writing the reviews was much harder than I expected. If you have any quests that we can solve for you, get down in the comment box and let us know. Or if you have any device related to technology that you want us to review, please contact us here. Of course, we’re always here to resolve your issues and fulfill your requirements.