7 Best Lamps For Your Home Office – 2023 Guide

Table lamps are a necessity because working, reading and writing under low lights put stress on our eyes. Therefore, you need enough light to put you at ease. Although there are LED lights that have high illumination but sometimes they are not enough.

Especially if you are sharing your room with someone. If the other person wants to sleep and you have to work, you cannot keep the light on. The only solution left for you is to keep a lamp. 

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Here is a list of some of the best table lamps that you can use. 

1. Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp 

Quntis Computer Monitor Lamp

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Quntis light bar is made especially for the desktop. So if you often work till late at night, it will be disturbing for your eyes. Therefore, you need an extra light that puts illumination on the keyboard. The anti-flicker feature of this light will keep you focused on your work. There won’t be anything disturbing. 

Furthermore, it won’t require much space. This light has a clip design. Therefore, you will have to clip it on the desktop. So it will be just on the top. No need to free up any space or anything else. The design is also user-friendly. You will have a touch control with its sensitive touch panel. All you have to do is touch the button and the light will turn on. Furthermore, you can also adjust the screen brightness. 

Excessive use of computer and more screen-time put a negative impact on your eyes. This stress will make your eye-sight weaker. The anti-blue light of this light will decrease the blue light. Thus, it will protect your eyes by blocking the blue light. So if you are worried about your eyes, you should better choose this one. The dimming feature will also let you manage the illumination with the light sensor. So it will automatically adjust it according to the ambiance. 

2. Afrog Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp

AFROG Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

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The next one in our list is this LED desk lamp from Afrog. The worth-mentioning feature of this lamp is its stand. Just on the base of the stand is a charging panel. It offers wireless charging. Therefore, you have to place your mobile phone on the base and it will start charging automatically. Now you won’t forget to turn the switch on. 

You will also see three touch buttons there. These control buttons let you turn on the lamp, adjust the brightness level and set the timer. You can adjust the light to 5 brightness levels. So set the light according to what you require and at what timing you need it. If ambiance light is too strong, you might need a stronger light. 

Anti-flicker light will take proper care of your eyes and therefore, it is suitable for reading and working. The most amazing feature is the timer. You can set it at 30 or 60 minutes. So if you are afraid of falling asleep, you can set the timer. This will let the lamp turn off automatically. You can sleep without worrying about turning the light off. 

3. Mubarek LED Desk Lamp For HomesMubarek LED Desk Lamp For homes

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Here we have another table lamp with a wider light. You can use it for your home and office setup too. It has 60 LED bulbs that will provide high brightness. The upgraded chip and color fidelity provide clearer vision. So you can use it to study, for work and also gift to a student. You can use it in your office space and in your home too. 

It also offers multifunctional use. On top, you will have the LED light and on the base, there is a base with compartments. You can keep your stationery in those compartments and plug the USB cable in the plug. This will allow you to charge your mobile phone. And if you are feeling hot, you can plug the USB fan there. 

The gooseneck design allows you to use it for wider illumination. The touch control feature will let you turn on and off the light. Similarly, you can long press this button and the brightness will increase. If you turn it off, it will remember the last setting too. So you do not have to adjust the brightness level every single time. Just turn the lamp on and its memory function will remember the previous settings. 

4. Consciot LED Desk Lamp Adjustable Table Lights

Consciot 12W LED Desk Lamp

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You will get 5 lighting modes with seven brightness levels. You will get a rod-shaped light that will cover a wide area. So if you want to light up your keyboard, you can adjust the rod on the top. Now you can easily type anything without disturbing others around you. So if you have a pending task to finish and your roommates are sleeping, you are allowed to do your work. 

And you do not have to keep your phone away from your side. Just on the base of this table lamp, you will find a USB port. All you have to do is to plug the cable there and connect it with your phone. You can use your phone while working and will charge at the same time. No need to go to the switchboard only to check that you got a promotional mail or message. 

And guess what?

You will have 5 different color modes. So if you want daylight, you can get that. If you want to relax, you can adjust the color accordingly. A warmer and a bit yellowish light is good for reading. So you can try that too. The neck is also flexible so you can turn it. If you are reading a book and it is uncomfortable for you to keep the book on the table, you can adjust the light rod accordingly. Thus, you will be able to lay on the sofa and enjoy some reading without any disturbance. 

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