10 Best Mesh WiFi For Your Home and Office 2024 – Top Picks

Have you been struggling to find the best mesh WiFi? I know it’s pretty much a headache in finding the perfect router that can meet your requirements. But not anymore as we have decided to choose some of the best mesh routers to get you out of the situation.

Best Choice
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Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage (NLS-1304-25),White
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Linksys Velop Mesh Home WiFi System, 6,000 Sq. ft Coverage, 60+ Devices, Speeds up to (AC2200)...
Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage (NLS-1304-25),White
Linksys Velop Mesh Home WiFi System, 6,000 Sq. ft Coverage, 60+ Devices, Speeds up to (AC2200)...
Best Choice
Good Choice
Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage (NLS-1304-25),White
Google WiFi system, 3-Pack - Router Replacement for Whole Home Coverage (NLS-1304-25),White
Don't Miss
Linksys Velop Mesh Home WiFi System, 6,000 Sq. ft Coverage, 60+ Devices, Speeds up to (AC2200)...
Linksys Velop Mesh Home WiFi System, 6,000 Sq. ft Coverage, 60+ Devices, Speeds up to (AC2200)...

The routers industry is big. When I say big, it means you have hundreds of them out there. Recently we have found many new wifi routers brands stepped inside the industry. A simple example is portal wifi which is launched recently and we’re planning on reviewing that for you in the upcoming guides.

On the other hand, there are many types of such routers. From Home mesh wifi to long-range mesh wifi to powerful mesh wifi and mesh wifi with LED, we covered all of them for you in order to help you make the right choice

Other than that we have other giants like Google, Netgear, Samsung, and a few others who are more into the routers, and yes the routers that I am about to are from those big companies. But here’s the thing, it can cost you more to have a mesh Wifi as compared to a normal Wifi router. But they completely worth it as you’re going to have the best experience with these routers. That said, let me jump straight into the best Mesh Wifi 2024 list.

Best Mesh Wi-Fi Routers 2024

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FAQs on Best Mesh Wifi Routers

What is The Mesh?

More generally, a mesh is a set of network nodes or points. These points are connected without any cable and are supposed to make the data transfer easy between these points. On the other hand, these points can either be centralized or decentralized. By centralized I mean that they are getting their data and commands from a single central server. In a decentralized environment, each node can have the freedom of a central server.

These best mesh Wifi routers can be utilized with or without the internet, e.g. they can be used to form ad hoc networks of local networks on the computers for data sharing or gaming, etc. The basic concept is to break the distance over which data has to be transmitted into shorter paths, just like repeaters for televised broadcasts.
What is Mesh Networking?

When more than one of such nodes is utilized to share data and information between devices, it is called mesh networking. As an example, the satellites in space use mesh networking to transfer data, e.g. technical data or simple communication, between different satellites directly without having to go through an earth station.

What is a Mesh Router?

By now you must be getting an idea about how internet routers can use this technology to make things better for us. Mesh routers use dynamic routing algorithms to allow data to hop between a set of devices to reach a targeted place. Does this make sense? Bear with me for a bit.

Normal Wi-Fi routers are just transmission points of the internet. They spread the signals being received equally in a certain radius. A wired connection is usually required to enable this router to transmit the internet signals (Unless you are using a satellite uplink).

Your router is placed at a corner of the house to avoid unnecessary wires going around. A normal router cannot reach throw the signals to every corner of your home
A mesh router comes with more than one node and is designed to eliminate the problem of connectivity.

Why do you want Mesh routing?

The devices can be used to target the areas that need connectivity and can be tailored as per your requirements, e.g. your room and your workplace. These devices can be placed within a 30-50 meter radius to each other and offer better connectivity. Using them is as easy as a normal router. Just plug them in and they’re ready to go so you don’t have to worry about complex setups and calling people to your home for setting them up.

What is The AC value?

Before getting to the reviews I want to explain what AC value is. It is the router’s maximum theoretical bandwidth e.g. Google offers an AC value of AC1200, which means max bandwidth 1200Mbps. In simple words, it is a value to determine the power of the router.

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Best Mesh Wifi Reviews 2024

1. Netgear Orbi

Netgear Orbi

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The Netgear Orbi is THE best Mesh Wifi device available in the market today. Even without the mesh satellites, the device has extraordinary performance. Orbi claims coverage of 5000 square feet with a 2 device pack. If you add another device to it the area extends to over 7000 square feet.

Orbi is easy to set up and possibly the top-rated mesh router out there today. It has color-coded LEDs. Red means your signal is weak and Magenta means it has been disconnected. The devices are not exactly handy, they are large and need space to be accommodated but it pays off in terms of power and performance.

The orbi devices look the same but the satellite units are not interchangeable with the router unit. The satellite units have ports available at the back and can be connected through Ethernet cable. The colored port is for connecting with your broadband modem. The satellites can be connected to all sorts of devices for data transfer through cables if they do not have Wi-Fi connectivity, e.g. printers, PCs, network storage devices, etc.

The setup through the app is a bit rudimentary at the time not allowing for any network speed tests or advanced monitoring of the network. The browser setup, however, provides much more detailed configurations and settings. Netgear has assured that they’ll be upgrading the app, but for now, it is pretty basic.

  • Extraordinary performance
  • Exclusive radio dedicated to backhaul
  • Multi-user, multi-input, multi-output tech (MU-MIMO)
  • Can be set up with mobile app or browser
  • Larger in size

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2. Google Wi-Fi System

Google Wi-Fi System

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So Google’s Wi-Fi system is one of the top 10 best Mesh wifi Routers available on the market with the features that you would make you put your hands on this device. What it lacks in AC value it makes up in sleek design, ease of use, and setup. As expected out of the company it is leading the charge in mesh technology with the beautiful design and simplicity of application.

The set contains small, sleek, minimalistic, and yet aesthetically pleasing cylinders that are fully integrated. What I am trying to say is that anyone of them could act as the core router and the others would act as the satellite devices Which makes google Wifi system a perfect Mest Wifi. All the routers are powered by USB type C cables and can be connected to either the modem or each other through Ethernet ports available.

The setup is a breeze. You can use the apps available both on IOS and Android, the app provides simple easy to perform steps. All you have to do is scan the QR code at the bottom and it will guide you through the rest. Google’s app also provides you with many useful features.

You can continuously monitor your Google Mesh Wifi and all the devices connected to it. It has a built-in speed test for the internet and Ookla’s mesh tests are available as well through which you can see the health of your nodes. Moreover, it helps you identify potential bottlenecks and you can rearrange your mesh wifi to get better overall results.

The most interesting of the app’s features, for our gamers, would be the priority traffic protocol. It means that you can set your gaming connection as a priority and Google mesh wifi will make sure that your priority connection gives you the best results and is not interrupted at any cost.

This comes in handy when multiple devices are using the mesh network for a variety of tasks, e.g. one of the nodes might be getting used to streaming a show on an LED and the second one being used to print documents while you are gaming on the third one. You could set the gaming connection on priority and game worry-free. Hence, with all these features, the Google Wi-Fi System is proved to be the best mesh wifi for home and office.

  • Less price per unit
  • Sleek Design
  • Integrated App
  • Lower AC* value

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3. Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi Mesh

Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi Mesh

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Samsung has gone into a well-organized market with a brand new idea of Connect Home Wi-Fi Mesh. The sleek puck-shaped nodes not only work as your mesh routers, but they can also double as a Hub where all the devices of your smart home connect and communicate and generally for the same price as its rivals. It works out fine but the connectivity is slightly low on its robustness, unlike its rivals.

These are one of the sleekest devices available in the market. They are easy to set up through the Samsung SmartThings app. The management is easy but the features are very limited on the app. The software makes it evident that Samsung had its attention divided with the SmartHub development. The connectivity of the mesh lacks the sturdiness that the rivals of Samsung provide. The features of the app are limited as well.

Except for Samsung’s power chord for DC, the Ethernet ports offer the same connectivity as others. Any of the devices can be utilized at both the core router and the satellites. The LED blinks in two obvious colors depending on your connection. Red and Green. In short, it’s the third best mesh wifi available to you here.

  • Price.
  • Works as a hub for your Smart Home tech.
  • Sleek design.
  • Easy setup.
  • Limited Wi-Fi controls.

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4. Linksys Velop AC2200 Tri-band

Linksys Velop AC2200 Tri-band

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The Velop is a customizable mesh router available in the form of a single unit as well, packages go up to 3 units and if you require a fourth one, it can be easily bought. However, the price is somewhat higher than its competitors. The only thing that Velop offers is an extremely simple setup procedure.

The app is easy to use and set them up is a breeze. However, in networking and meshing performance Velop does not fare as well as its competitors. The parental controls offered by Velop are rudimentary at best. You can block any site as long as you manually enter it in the restricted list but it does not have any preset protocols.

Any user that does not mind spending a little bit of time on configuration will not be happy with the Velop, the peers of Velop like Google and Netgear provide much better options of configuration.

The look is sleek with 2 Ethernet ports available under the nodes along with a reset button in case you run into a little snag with the connectivity. Despite having a rated AC of 2200 the Velop is somehow low on Mesh performance as well. For our users out there who are even a little bit tech-savvy, Velop is not for you, despite being a little expensive the only positives of the Velop are its unique and aesthetic design along with a very easy setup procedure.

  • Available in the single, double, and triple configuration.
  • Easy app-based setup.
  • Price

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5. TP-Link Deco M9 Plus

TP-link Deco M9 Plus

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The Tp-Link M9 Plus is yet another aesthetically pleasing minimalist design solution for your home. The little devices will fit into any tight spaced home without any problem. There is a good reason that it is one of the Top Mesh wifi Routers available in the market. Unlike its predecessor, the M5 which had 3 satellites, M9 plus only needs two nodes to give you a coverage of around 4500 square feet.

The Mesh networking is overall powerful and provides excellent coverage, it is rated AC2200 and lives up to the name. Besides the coverage, it has obvious appeal to the smart homeowners, it duals as a Hub for most of the smart devices in your home. It can also link up with Alexa to give you better control of your devices.

The power supply is traditional DC and it provides a USB port in addition to the two Ethernet ports available. There is a single LED on the top with the two-color system i.e. Green and Red. Yellow, blue, and pulsating blue are only seen in the configuration stages. The app provides easy to follow stepwise procedures and also includes easy parental control tools. It comes with a built-in antivirus as well which is extremely convenient.

The M9 provides a solid coverage with just the two devices and is extremely easy to set up with the Smart app. Although it is a bit on the pricier side. But anyone looking for a lower number of nodes, smart home appliances, and a minimalist easy to keep the design, The Tp-Link Deco M9 plus will not disappoint.

Although if a smart hub is not needed there are better options available in the market which you would prefer over these (Google, Netgear) as without the dual usage it is a bit too expensive.

  • Easy to setup
  • Powerful Mesh Networking and excellent coverage
  • The app includes parental control
  • Antivirus included
  • Price
  • Not all Smart home devices are supported for now

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6. Ubiquiti Amplifi HD

Ubiquiti Amplifi HD

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Ubiquiti has achieved a new milestone in uniqueness and aesthetics. It is one of the best powerful Mesh Router. The core router is a powerful one in itself. If you have a property less than 2000 square feet you probably don’t even need the satellite nodes, called Meshpoints, and wouldn’t even be required.

Lucky for us they are sold separately from the core router. Besides being very powerful, with an AC rating of 1750, the core router is unique in its design and just absolutely gorgeous. It is square-shaped and has a touch screen display in the front which will tell you normal parameters that the mesh is working on at that particular time along with the time itself. The core router also has an adjustable LED under-glow.

The Meshpoints (Satellite nodes) are nothing short of fancy themselves if you happen to need them. They have a magnetic joint and do not need any wires or adapters to connect with. Simply plug it into a power supply and it will connect with the router in a matter of minutes.

Despite being aesthetically pleasing, they are just a little bit bulky and might need hiding. The overall performance of the mesh is great. I think a wired backhaul option would’ve been a worthwhile addition but Ubiquiti makes do without it perfectly fine.

It has 4 gigabit LAN ports and USB type C power supply port which makes it easy to set up. The app makes it easy to set up, available for both Android and IOS. The total process takes around 10 minutes max. The app will detect the core router and the satellites, update the firmware and ask you to set up a wireless network with a password and you’re ready to go.

As far as foolproof networking goes Ubiquiti meets all the standards. It also flips you back and forth between 2.4 and 5 GHz radio without you even noticing. It is one of the Best Mesh wifi routers in the market today.

  • Compact and unique router
  • Touch screen display
  • Unique Nodes design which is also plugged and play
  • Simple Setup
  • Price
  • Only app-controlled, no desktop software available

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7. TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh Wi-Fi

TP-Link Deco M5 Mesh Wi-Fi

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The M5 Mesh is an older version of the M9 Plus from TP-Link mesh networking. I will draw a comparison between the two as either one of them could be good for a user depending upon their needs and of course the budget. So before I get into the comparison, there is some rather good news.

The M5 and M9 plus are compatible with each other. The newer variant is more powerful and more in price so if you have a mix and match requirement, like some parts of the house needing more connectivity. You can just mix and match the M5 and M9 plus.

Now the M5 holds fairly well at the AC1300. The AC2200 on the M9 comes in handy with its MU-MIMO internet capability. Meaning the M9 will do better with simultaneous connections, high definition streaming, and high volume downloads. M5 holds up fine with download speeds as well if they don’t saturate the network over 500 Mbps.

The M9 has a built-in Zigbee smart home Hub which allows it to be the center of a smart home if you have one or want one down the road. As far as physical aspects go, the m9 is the same shape but slightly larger in overall radius.

It doesn’t change the fact that it is still manageable and easily placed in any part of your home. In almost all the parameters of Mesh Networking, except the price, the M9 outclasses the M5 and is easily the better recommendation of the two. But based on a user’s requirements they may even be comfortable with the M5.

  • Compact.
  • Acceptable features within affordable price.
  • No cons.

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8. Tenda MW6 Nova Wave 2

Tenda MW6 Nova Wave 2

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The Tenda MW6 looks like a futuristic cube but is a little heavier in size. It looks pleasant enough from afar but touching it feels like it’s cheap hollow plastic. Although the Router uses MU-MIMO technology the AC rating is only 1200. The specifications of MW6 are no exception from the rest of its peers.

It is very affordable easy to set up a mesh networking system. However, the performance is not quite as strong as its peers. The Ethernet connection maxes out at 700 Mbps and you keep facing connectivity issues along with update and firmware issues.

The power supply is traditional DC with 2 Ethernet ports. There is a small reset button available as well and the regular one color-changing LED. The QR code can be used to add the satellites to the mesh network. The Tenda app is relatively simple and does not offer advanced setup or testing facilities, but it does offer Wi-Fi-based control from wherever you want.

The only good thing about the Tenda MW6 is that it is easy to set up and relatively cheap. The Tenda app asks for private information that it should not require or should have access to. It also has some issues updating the firmware. The device is good for anyone not looking to spend too much and still get a decent working best Mesh wifi Router.

  • Price.
  • Remote-controlled capability.
  • Compatible with Alexa.
  • MU-MIMO enabled.
  • Maxed out at 700 Mbps on Ethernet connection.
  • Low-Quality Bandwidth management.

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9. Eero Home Wi-Fi System

Eero Home Wi-Fi System

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The Eero Home Wi-Fi system is one of the Top mesh routers available in the market. It is sleekly designed and the satellites are of a plug and play nature. All you have to do is plug them into the power source. The powerful Mesh router uses a tri-band system which results in overall better throughput.

It also allows it to use the 2.4 and 5 GHz band to its full capacity. It comes with a pleasant night light setting as well, hardware-wise speaking, no other competitor we know of is offering that and it can be a great convenience for people who keep their mesh-up 24/7.

The hardware setup is pretty standard with the DC power input and two Ethernet ports. The app provides detailed advanced configurations which would be a refreshing change for all those tech-savvy advances users who like to keep good control over their settings. It offers a built-in speed test and will allow you guest user control and making family profiles to instill parental controls. The security is enterprise-grade and Artificial intelligence-based. Services include a subscription to Encrypt. VPN, 1Password, and Malwarebytes. It also offers advanced features like band steering which are not available in the market yet.

Overall the coverage of Eero is lesser in comparison to Google and Netgear but it covers that lesser space much more efficiently, the signal strength does not go down when it encounters normal walls whereas the rival companies do experience some signal loss. Eero is the device for people who want much more personalized and detailed control, need coverage over the relatively lesser area, and are not shy to pay the extra dollar.

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Tri-Band system
  • Great Performance
  • Detailed app control
  • Price
  • Coverage area relatively smaller

10. D-Link Covr C1203

D-Link Covr C1203

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Covr C1203 is a cool industrialist design which is very easy on the eye. The price is competitively lower than the peer designs, such as Google’s 3-way design. The area coverage is somewhat on par. The power rating is AC 1200 which is a little slower than the rival designs.

It works on a dual-band system and provides decent connectivity over both. The internet speed was almost indistinguishable. However, the performance over the 2.4 GHz band lacks expectations. Since it is out of the user’s control what device connects on what band and that might be a little bit of a hassle.

The hardware is pretty standard with a USB type C power port. The adapter design is relatively poor and sometimes struggles to maintain power to the nodes. The nosed have a futuristic triangular type look and are very pleasant to look at. The nodes have two Ethernet ports and a reset button sitting on the top.

The overall look is very funky. The LED setup is a bright one and there is no control available for dimming it, although they can be completely disabled in controls. The Covr nodes use smart roaming and steering tech which should theoretically connect you with the closest and best suitable node automatically even when you move around the house.

The app is easy to set up in a step-wise process and provides good parental control options as well. It is available on both IOS and Android both and it will take you roughly five minutes to complete the setup procedure. The app recognizes the nodes and the router through a QR code without having to put in lengthy IDs and passwords as well. You might face small bugs in the setting up procedure though and might have to reboot the nodes multiple times before completing the procedure.

  • Price.
  • Smart roaming tech.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Wide Coverage.
  • Poor performance on 2.4 GHz band.
  • Poor power adapter design.
  • Dual-band design


There is no second opinion about the Mesh networking technology itself. It is the way to go with home connectivity and seamless operation even when you are not static in one place. The technology is even providing platforms to centralize smart home applications.

As far as the choice of the Best Mesh Wi-Fi is concerned, it largely depends on the requirements of the user as all the products available in the market have their pros and cons, different companies trade off one of the features for some other. Having said that, there is an appeal to the overall balance.

A product that could potentially satisfy the majority of the users out there without compromising too much on any of the aspects. In the spirit of that, I have an editor’s choice for you. In my opinion that product is Google Wi-Fi System.