Ark Server Hosting: Pros & Cons + Cool Features

If you’ve ever dreamt of living in the primordial times so that you could hunt gigantic beasts that once roamed the Earth, then you’ve certainly greeted the release of ARK: Survival Evolved in 2017 with absolute delight.

In this game, your goal is to establish a base, compete with other players for resources, or, if you prefer, to cooperate and hunt dinosaurs. There is both a single and multiplayer option, but as they say – the more, the merrier, which is why most players naturally gravitate to multiplayer servers.

If you would like to create a server so that you, your friends, and others could play in a world that you customize, you need to find a server hosting provider. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive – it’s possible to find cheap ARK server hosting without much effort. In a moment, we’ll analyze the pros and cons of hosting the ARK: Survival Evolved server.

Better Community

It happens relatively often that games with a lot of potential are plagued by toxic players. Although ARK: Survival Evolved doesn’t have a particularly bad community, things definitely could be better.

If you are tired of playing on private servers where you have a fair deal of fun though other players’ behavior spoils your experience, then there is a simple solution – create your own server. This way, you would be able to ban players whose behavior you would find unacceptable.

However, a wise man once said, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Remember that although owning a server allows you to ban any player, you should only do that infrequently.

Otherwise, other players might leave the server due to your dictatorial ambitions. Who knows, perhaps one day you’ll be able to use this experience if you start your own company!

Any Mods You Want

One of the main reasons why people opt to create their own servers is because it allows them to choose any mods they want. Mods play a huge role in increasing the appeal of video games – some of them implement so many changes that the original game becomes almost unrecognizable.

If you think that game would be much more interesting if there were only two opposing sides that would correspondingly wear Vietcong and American uniforms – there’s probably a mod for that.

We aren’t really sure if LBJ would increase the number of military personnel in Vietnam if American soldiers would have to fight against deinonychuses and t-rexes, but there’s a simple yet effective way to test that.

On the other hand, if you are a history geek who is fascinated by the First World War, you could check if pterodactyls could be an effective solution to the nightmare that is trench war.

They say that war never changes, but with the help of several mods, you could test out alternative approaches to military strategy.


Before you decide to contact any server hosting company, you should seriously consider whether you’ll find the game appealing in a few months’ time. Setting up a server might be fascinating, as finally, you’ll be the one in charge – no more silly rules.

Unfortunately, after the initial excitement, you might find out that actually, it’s not as enjoyable as you previously thought it would be. There might not be enough new players for fun even to begin, your friends might find more interesting games to play, or something could happen that would make it impossible for you to spend a lot of time fighting dinosaurs.

The thing is, server hosting requires quite a bit of money. You can find plans that cost less than $100 a month, but still – it’s not that cheap. After a week or two, you might find out that actually, you would like to do something different than hunt diplodocus – perhaps go camping.

Your money would be already spent, and you might feel guilty, not playing on a server that cost you so much. That’s why before you decide to create an ARK server, you should consider whether your excitement won’t die down pretty soon.


Because of video games, we can find ourselves in scenarios that we’ve almost dreamt of – fighting gigantic beasts, stealing cars and escaping from the police, or conquering Russia.

If you think that the addition of a few mods could slightly improve your favorite video game, there’s a simple solution – create your own server! Although server hosting services cost quite a bit, you might discover that it’s the only way to create a healthy community.

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