7 Best Gaming Portable Monitors 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What could even be better than owning a gaming room, complete with a proper setup as well as aesthetic? The ability to shift around, find the most comfortable position and still have a great time gaming. Sounds sweet?

A portable monitor is perfect for you then, as it can provide you with all of these advantages. When compared to traditional television, they are less expensive, easier to operate, and store.

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With so many possibilities available, opting for a portable monitor best suited to your needs can prove quite difficult. Hence, for your convenience, we have compiled a catalog of 2023’s noteworthy portable monitors.

Top Gaming Portable Monitors

1. GAEMS Sentinel Pro Xp Portable Gaming Monitor

GAEMS Sentinel Pro Xp Portable Gaming Monitor


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This GAEMS monitor consists of an HDMI connection, remote control, and amount adaptor for easy connections. It also includes an accessory bag for storing controllers, cords and also power supply units. The device boasts of an anti-glare surface and has a resolution of 1920P x 1080P. As a result, while using this monitor, you need not be concerned about your eyes. Additionally, you can forego those anti-glare glasses because the screen’s inherent quality is sufficient.

With its dual speakers, this device’s audio is also excellent. It can be used with or without a headset. In either case, the sound quality is outstanding. Your headphones can be plugged into the device’s 3.5 mm audio output.

Finally, the most crucial piece of information. This gaming monitor is compatible with Xbox and PlayStation platforms. However, the necessary consoles are not included in the purchase. This monitor can also be connected to both; PCs and mobile devices.


  • The device facilitates a 17 inch display.
  • It has a brilliant 60 Hertz refresh rate.
  • The dimensions of the monitor are 43 x 10.7 x 42.4 cm and it weighs 5.9 kg.


2. Corpit Portable Gaming Monitor

Corpit Portable Gaming Monitor


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The Corpit Gaming Monitor boasts of its ability to produce stunning, colorful visuals which are only improved by its high brightness. The monitor’s screen depicts a view of 178 degrees with no distortion. This makes it convenient to use while avoiding straining and tiring your eyes.

The Corpit Monitor consists of 2 type C connectors and one small HDMI port to connect to other devices. Smartphones, PCs, PlayStations, Xbox, as well as Nintendo Switch platforms, can all be connected to the monitor.

This monitor also boasts excellent acoustics, apart from a quick refresh rate. It can also be folded to form different orientations. It could be converted to a stand for the monitor, which would improve the game experience.

Another advantage of the Corpit Monitor is the fact that it allows for immediate plugging, without the prerequisite of drivers being installed. Furthermore, it could also be utilized as a dual, extended or second display, making it a convenient choice for streaming games.


  • A 3.5 mm audio output is available on the Corpit Monitor.
  • It is 1.94 pounds in weight.
  • The monitor’s measurements are 13.51” x 7.76” x 0.07”.


3. GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp

GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp


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With its incredible power and performance, this masterpiece, the GEAMS Guardian Pro XP claims to deliver the most rewarding gaming experience. The masterpiece sports a 24-inch screen along with a 1440P resolution, an IPS display, as well as a 9-millisecond reaction time. It can be considered to be the best choice for streamers because it has built-in streaming facets.

The GAEMS Guardian Monitor is known to have an HDMI output, which makes screen sharing a breeze. Along with all this, it also features a very promising sound stage, with two jacks for headphones and 9W stereo audio.

This monitor is also compatible with the PlayStation 4, Xbox platforms and Atx PC systems.

The game’s consoles are not included in the purchase.


  • The monitor measures 2.99” x 2.17” x 0.83” and weighs 35 pounds.
  • The monitor has a remarkable 60 Hertz refresh rate.
  • It features mounts for attachments that could be used in order to attach streaming equipment such as cameras, microphones, and so on.


4. ARZOPA Portable Monitor

RZOPA Portable Monitor


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One great characteristic of the ARZOPA Monitor is the blue light filter technology, which adjusts the monitor’s blue light emittance depending on the brightness of the surrounding environment. When it is deemed required, a mode called eye-care is activated automatically. The ARZOPA Monitor depicts a viewing angle of 178 degrees along with a 1920P x 1080P resolution. The monitor also sports a high-contrast display that provides a wide spectrum of colors and other minute details.

Laptops, smartphones, Xbox platform, PlayStation platform, Nintendo Switch platform and other similar platforms are all supported. They can be connected through a small HDMI cable through its port or through a cable that is type C.

This spectacular monitor is meant to be light and thin. This makes it a suitable choice for somebody who is constantly on the move and enjoys gaming.

The ARZOPA Monitor comes with two built-in audio speakers and an audio port measured at 3.5mm for headphones. The monitor’s case can be folded into different orientations which makes it more convenient to use.

Finally, due to its sturdy metal construction, this ARZOPA monitor is extremely long-lasting.


  • The display of the ARZOPA monitor is 15.6 inches wide.
  • The dimensions of the ARZOPA monitor are 15.86” x 10.51” x 2.2”.
  • It is 1.44 pounds in weight.


5. NIUTO Portable Monitor

NIUTO Portable Monitor


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With its stunning display, the NIUTO Portable Monitor created a spectacular watching experience. This improves the gameplay experience significantly. This NIUTO monitor is meant to be very slim and light, which makes it a fantastic choice for regular travelers and gamers. They are also appropriate for formal office situations.

PCs, PlayStation platforms, Xbox platforms, Wii and Nintendo Switch may all be linked to the NIUTO Portable Monitor. A Type C cable or small HDMI cables could be used in order to connect it.

Surround sound is supported by the speakers on this display, making goosebumps a more common aspect of the superb gaming experience. If you do not want to use surround sound, you could use headphones by putting them into the 3.5mm connectors.

The purchase includes a smart protective case that protects the monitor while allowing the device to be placed in various orientations for a more pleasant experience. The screen protector included protects your monitor’s screen from scratches.


  • This NIUTO monitor is 1.71 pounds in weight.
  • Its measurements are 13.9” x 8.9” x 0.2”.
  • This NIUTO monitor is known to have a reaction time of 3-5 milliseconds.


6. SIMPFUN Portable Monitor

SIMPFUN Portable Monitor


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The SIMPFUN Monitor consists of a magnificent 15.6 inch screen along with a resolution of 1920P x 1080P. The SIMPFUN Monitor can be connected to PCs, PlayStation platforms, Xbox platforms, Raspberry Pi and Mac-mini. In addition to this, It can also be utilized in the form of an expansion, a second screen or a display..

This monitor does not require any additional drivers. It connects to the computer through a  cable, making setup quick and easy.

The SIMPFUN Monitor is sold along with everything you might require to get started. A source power to run, type-C cable for connectivity, a micro HDMI cable, a protective shell and film for the display are all included. It also includes wipes to clean the screen.

Key Features:

  • This SIMPFUN monitor weighs 1.7 pounds.
  • It boasts of a remarkable 60 Hertz refresh rate.
  • Its measurements are 13.7” x 7.7” x 0.4”.

Buyer’s Guide To Buying The Best Gaming Portable Monitors 2023

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We understand that there are a tremendous amount of options available in the market. Also, we understand that a buyer will probably feel overwhelmed. This makes purchasing a difficult decision. To bring this discussion to an easy close, we created a guide that can make your job easier.


This is among the most significant elements to consider when shopping for a suitable portable monitor. In case you are searching only for a good monitor to stream on, a tiny one would suffice. If you are looking to conveniently tuck it away, whether for travel or otherwise, you may consider a compact portable monitor. On the other hand, you might choose a somewhat larger option, taking comfort into consideration.


In case you are searching for a good portable monitor which you can take with you everywhere you go, you might want to investigate the lighter options. In such circumstances, lugging a bulky device around is not ideal.


This is an extremely crucial factor to consider, especially if the monitor that you are considering buying is intended for gaming. Gamers are fastidious and pay close attention to minute details where quality is concerned. That is why gamers want devices with incredibly high processing power as well as resolution. On the other hand, you may wish to opt for the highest available resolution in your pricing range or one that meets your minimum requirements.


This is undoubtedly a significant fact that must be taken into account. Because the monitor is going to be utilized for gaming purposes, it is crucial to know the platforms that the monitor supports. These include PlayStation platform, Xbox platform, PC platform and other gaming platforms. You must choose based on the pre-owned or the devices you want to utilize it with. In case you possess many devices, we recommend opting for a monitor that can establish connectivity with all of them.


Another crucial consideration is the monitor’s battery life since you will not want to keep the monitor plugged in all the time after its battery life has depleted. What good will a “portable” monitor be if it keeps you confined to one location? For gamers who constantly stay on the move, a monitor having a short battery life is undoubtedly the ideal option. Seek for one with long battery life and good performance.


If you do not handle a monitor cautiously, it will likely fall from your hands. If you choose a slim one, you are taking on much greater risk. It may be better to opt for a monitor which is built to last and which comes with extra accessories such as a case for protection or a screen guard.


Another crucial part of professional gaming is audio, which enables you to catch up on minute information from the game as well as to respond swiftly. Gamers, particularly professional ones, prefer clear audio. Additionally, choosing a monitor which has incredibly well-functioning speakers is advantageous because headphones will not be required. The ideal option, though, is a portable monitor that provides excellent audio and the ability to use headphones.


When making the purchase, it is also important to think about the extra accessories that come along with the monitor. It is common for the consoles for compatible devices not to be included in the purchase. You could check for extras such as mounts that can hold equipment such as cameras, microphones and so on. These are ideal for live streaming. However, if you have chosen a slim monitor, you may want to consider a protective case or screen protector. You must find the accessories which are most appropriate for you and your buying choices. Accessories can be purchased individually as well, but you must ensure that the chosen monitor supports them.


Choosing a portable monitor is often a difficult and time-consuming process. We took note of this fact and compiled a catalog, depicting the best portable monitors available out in the market today. We hope that this catalog provides you with a little clarity and insight to help in making a more informed purchase decision. The products mentioned in the catalog are the most well-reviewed selections on the reputable website, amazon.com.

We acknowledge that everyone is looking out for something different. This led us to the creation of a guide that can be referred to by buyers. This guide outlines all the crucial things that have to be taken into consideration when selecting a remarkable portable monitor best suited to your needs.


Is it worthwhile to invest in gaming portable monitors?

Such monitors are cost-effective and also, easy to use. This makes them a good investment. They are a suitable alternative for concurrent gaming due to aspects like their refresh rate and their response time. This also includes other features, which you may learn about in the above article.

Is it possible for me to utilize my portable monitor as a second display?

Yes, depending on which portable monitor one owns, they could be utilized as a second, extended, or a dual monitor.

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