Top 10 Best Crossbows That Can Pass Through Anything 2024 – Reviews

The best crossbow is one fine weapon for hunting. In fact, it’s even better than a gun in the game of hunting. Here I am not talking about the speed or velocity, I am talking about from the perspective of a professional hunter who loves to play around with a crossbow and hunting with the best crossbows is his hobby.

Good Choice
TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow with Complete Shooting/Hunting Package
Don't Miss
CenterPoint AXCM175CK Tactical Adjustable Stock Compound Crossbow, One Size
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Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow, with 4x32 Multi-Reticle Scope, 2 Headhunter Arrows,...
TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow with Complete Shooting/Hunting Package
CenterPoint AXCM175CK Tactical Adjustable Stock Compound Crossbow, One Size
Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow, with 4x32 Multi-Reticle Scope, 2 Headhunter Arrows,...
Good Choice
TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow with Complete Shooting/Hunting Package
TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow with Complete Shooting/Hunting Package
Don't Miss
CenterPoint AXCM175CK Tactical Adjustable Stock Compound Crossbow, One Size
CenterPoint AXCM175CK Tactical Adjustable Stock Compound Crossbow, One Size
Also Consider
Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow, with 4x32 Multi-Reticle Scope, 2 Headhunter Arrows,...
Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow, with 4x32 Multi-Reticle Scope, 2 Headhunter Arrows,...

On the other side, guns are loud enough to scare animals around other than your prey. right? Hence, the best crossbow for hunting is a decent choice. But the problem is that there are many best crossbows in the market that have joined the crossbows fray since the beginning and it’s difficult for most of us to make the right choice out of them. The best crossbows list that I compiled is going to help you in finding your crossbow for hunting in 2024.


Before we get into the crossbow reviews, let me quickly explain some of the main factors that really matter in the best crossbow.

Best & Fastest Crossbows

Velocity: The velocity refers to how fast the crossbow flies an arrow. The velocity of minimum 300 fps(feet per second) is considered as fine speed for taking on larger games like deer, Elk, bear etc. More speed than 300 fps is much better. The high-quality strings, bolts and triggering the crossbow in a proper way should be considered before buying and using a crossbow.

Accuracy: It helps us find out how precise is the crossbow or how close is a flying arrow to the desired target. Here the velocity plays an important role but taking the overall features into account should be considered.

Scope: The high-quality scope is one of the main factors and most of the crossbow scopes that I had experience with are 4 x 32mm which are the best ones. Before you buy a crossbow, make sure you get a 4 x 32mm scope with it because it’ll help you a lot during target shooting and hunting. There’s no doubt in this that the best crossbow scope can help you better in hitting your desired target with perfect accuracy. With that said, let me introduce you to best crossbow reviews 2024 list that I compiled for you.

Best Crossbows 2024 – Find The Best One

1. Barnett Predator Review – Fastest Crossbow

Barnett predator crossbow

Manufacturer Barnett
Condition New
Crossbow type compound
Kinetic energy 156 ft.lbs

  • Speed like a real predator. 
  • The most impressive design.
  • Lightweight.
  • High-end scope.
  • Compact.
  • Highly accurate.
  • All accessories offered.

  • More expensive crossbow.
  • Not for beginners. 

Before the release of Barnett predator and Ghost 420, the best crossbow on the market from Barnett was the Ghost 410 and it was everyone’s favorite and still, it is. But the Barnett stepped up it’s game to the new level by introducing one of the best-rated crossbows, the predator and ghost 420 that comes with extreme power and perfect accuracy.

The Barnett Predator is the first one that took it’s placed in our best crossbows list and is also our professional’s choice. The Barnett predator is categorized in best crossbows for the money because of its high-end price tag but as much as I am concerned, it’s worth it by offering too many features and you can get the crossbow under 1200 bucks. Matter of fact, there are even more expensive crossbows than the Barnett Predator.

That said, let me go through everything that we learned from the Barnett Predator crossbow during the test.

Barnett Predator Crossbow Specs and Features

First and foremost, the crossbow is really a predator that can speed up to 430 FPS releasing the kinetic energy of 156 ft. lbs which are faster than Ghost 410 and 420. Don’t even mistake this crossbow with Predator 375 CRT because the level of speed is way high than that one. Powered with the Patented Carbonlite riser, strings dampener along with  CNC machined flight tracker that keeps the crossbow silent, smooth and accurate.

The Barnett Predator proved itself to be one of the best compound crossbows with the upgraded 1.5-5×32 illuminated scope that helps in achieving the perfect accuracy. It requires the draw weight of 187 pounds which might be difficult for beginners But that’s fine for professionals. On the other side, the Barnett predator offers a rope cocking device which helps in cocking the crossbow without applying much force.

Moreover, for safety purposes, the Barnett predator is powered with the anti-dry fire technology and the knock sensor to avoid dry firing and keeps you alert about your fingers safety. Maintaining the quality of a crossbow should be on the priority list of a hunter as the crossbow might get to a level where it doesn’t deliver the desired performance. For that, the Barnett predator crossbow package offers a lubricant wax that you need to apply after every 6 shots.

Barnett Predator Crossbow Design

Predator is the best compound crossbow that follows the design of the Barnett ghost series. In fact, it looks exactly the same as the Barnett ghost 410 and 420 but there are also some mini changes that took place in the Barnett Predator. The exact dimensions calculated are the 37.125″ L x 19.75″W. Axle to Axle 17.875 where overall, it weighs only 7.6 pounds which is easy to carry for professional level crossbows lovers.

The power stroke is measured at 16.75 inches which is normal as other best compound crossbows. It’s a common thing for beginners to get confused about assembling the crossbows. But the Predator comes fully assembled. In case you mess up everything like the scope, bolts, and stock for any reason. You don’t have to worry about that, simply follow the manual from other Barnett crossbows like ghost 410 or 420 as they have almost the same design.

To gain the perfect accuracy and fly an arrow to take on a prey in a smooth way, the Barnett predator crossbow package also offers a underarm support which is great. To keep your bolts safe and get you free from distractions, the package also has the arrows quiver. In-case, you have no idea about the arrows length, it’s 22 inches which is a bit longer than a normal 20 inches arrows.

Despite all the modern technologies and high-end price tag, the Barnett predator doesn’t offer the crank cocking device which is a bit disappointing but still with the rope cocker, the crossbow came out to be much better on minimizing the draw force.

Final Verdict

Barnett Predator is listed in the best crossbows list due to its high accuracy. power and design. Keeps itself calm during each shot because of equipment of new technologies. The design is same as ghost series and I have to say Barnett crossbows company never compromise on the design and they always come up with something new but as the ghost series is always loved by the people, they maintained it the same as other Barnett ghosts and did some new upgrades in the Barnett predator crossbow. If you’re a professional hunter or love target shooting, Predator is a decent choice and best compound crossbow for you.

2. Barnett Ghost 420 Review – Editor’s Choice


Manufacturer Barnett
Condition New
Crossbow type compound
Kinetic energy 153 ft.lbs

  • Delivers a friction-less arrow release
  • Lightweight yet good looking
  • Powerful yet beats many best crossbows on the market.
  • Can get assembled with single bolt
  • Offers a carbonlite riser
  • Requires low draw force with cocking device

  • A little expensive crossbow for such accessories
  • Doesn’t come with crank cocking device. 

It’s been almost 55 years since Barnett crossbows company started to introduce its high end performance crossbows into the market. As performance is their top priority in crossbows world, with the release of Barnett Ghost 420 they actually pushed the envelope to a whole new level.

In fact in the ghost series, the 420 has more power than the 410, mostly built from carbon that makes it one of the best lightweight crossbows for hunting with elegant design. With that said, let the Barnett Ghost 420 review begin. should we?

Barnett Ghost 420 Specs

Ghost 420 is a monster, no doubt in this and matter of fact, it can deliver the bolt speed of up to 420 fps and it’s all because of the makeup of the crossbow. The crossbow is based on Barnett’s carbonlite riser and that’s made out of super light carbon material balancing the front rig making it 43 percent lighter than the previous Barnett ghost crossbows. The interesting fact is the 1.5-5×32 mm premium illuminated scope which is the same as the Barnett predator model.

Cocking the Ghost 420 might take you 185 pounds draw weight but thanks to the rope cocking device that reduces the draw weight to 92.5 pounds which are good for newbies and professionals too. To prevent any damage to the crossbow after you keep it on the ground for cocking, the rubber bumper is provided. However, the Barnett Ghost 420 produces the higher kinetic energy of 153 foot per pounds after you pull the trigger for a hunt.

Moreover, the crossbow has the Triggertech technology to offer for avoiding any friction during flying an arrow plus the Anti-dry fire system for safety purposes. The Anti-dry fire and safety will automatically activate when you cock the crossbow which is another cool thing about this best crossbow. It’s important for you to know that the Barnett Ghost 420 supports the 380 grains of arrows having the size of 20 inches.

Barnett Ghost 420 Design

The design on the Ghost 420 pretty much follows the Barnett compound crossbows ghost series, having the exact look and pretty much same dimensions with a little difference, measured 37.4 inches in length and 22 inches in width where having the power stroke of 15.375 inches. It also weight a little heavy than the Barnett Ghost 410 model with 7.6 pounds as found in the Barnett Predator.

Moreover, you’ll find a 2 arrows quiver placed below the crossbow for sticking your 20-inch arrows in it which makes the crossbow even more convenient. Moreover, the package has the lube wax to offer and we strongly recommend to apply the wax to the crossbow after every 7 shots to keep your crossbow healthy in regards to performance and last longer.

Safety Features

  • To keep your fingers safe from injuries, the Barnett Ghost 420 has the safety reminders to offer for its users.
  • There’s an anti-dry fire technology that I also mentioned earlier in the Barnett Ghost 420 review and it activates itself when the crossbow is fully cocked.

There are also some downsides for the crossbow that I found.

  • Having a premium price tag is a bit unimpressive for the Barnett ghost 420.
  • Doesn’t offer the crank cocking device as found in many other best crossbows under 1000 buck.

Final Verdict

Barnett Ghost 420 is the best crossbow for hunting with high-end accessories, the best design, the powerful speed, and low draw weight. Matter of fact it also has some modern technologies added to it alongside with safety features. If you’re looking for decent and best compound crossbow for days or weeks and haven’t found one yet, the Barnett Ghost 420 is here for you.

3. Ravin R20 sniper Crossbow Review – Best Crossbow for the money

Ravin R20

Manufacturer Ravin
Condition New
Crossbow type compound
Kinetic energy 164 ft.lbs

  • Compact yet powerful crossbow
  • Lightweight
  • The lowest draw weight in the crossbows fray
  • Top quality scope
  • Takes on a target from 100 yards

  • More expensive under 3000 bucks 

Here comes the Ravin R20 sniper, the ultimate crossbow for the money and the reason it’s categorized in the crossbows list with high end price is because of the modern technologies and accessories that the Ravin r20 sniper is offering to it’s users and it’s worth it. There’s R20 mentioned in the name but the power is beyond that with 430 FPS which is comparable to the Barnett Predator reviewed at #1 where out ranking other best ravin crossbows except the Ravin R20 model which has the same velocity as the r20 sniper. Hence a best crossbow in the market for professionals right now.

Ravin R20 Sniper Specs and Features

With the speed of 430 fps, the R20 sniper is capable of taking on any large game like deer, Elk buffalo from 60 yards in no time with the kinetic energy of 164 ft.lbs. Matter of fact, it only requires the draw weight of pounds with the draw handle and built-in cocking mechanism. The Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8×24 Scope is what makes the crossbow accurate enough to shoot the exact target you aim for. Matter of fact it allows you to lock in the target from 20 to 100 yards. isn’t that impressive?

Just like the Barnett 420, this best compound crossbow also has the Anti-dry fire mechanism and the most interesting fact is the activation of this technology after cocking the R20 sniper. The crank cocking device and the sling mount also comes in the package alongside with premium Ravin riser which is the nice features too the crossbow is offering. Moreover, the three arrows quiver is attached right below to the crossbow so that the arrows can stay in there without roaming around with arrows in your hand.

Ravin R20 Sniper Design

Ravin r20 sniper is a fine crossbow with the overall length of 34.5 inches with a width of 10.5 inches. A normal crossbow you might have seen out there in the market always has the power-stroke around 15 inches or more than that, but in comparison to that Ravin r20 sniper crossbow is at around 13 inches which makes the power stroke small. It’s even lighter than I expected with the weight of 7.1 pounds, even much lighter for professional crossbow hunters.

The Ravin r20 sniper usually has the two colors to offer, the predator camo which has the camouflage color touch to it combined with the black color where the other one is Gunmetal grey which has the combination of black and grey color that makes it look more attractive. To be honest I am a big fan of the predator camo as it seems more appealing to me instead of the Gunmetal grey.

The problem with the Ravin r20 sniper is that it’s one of the most expensive crossbows under 3000 bucks and most you might not be able to afford it. If you can handle such price, r20 sniper is one hell of a beast to get. If not, find the alternative for it as I mentioned all of them at the beginning of this review.

Final Verdict

One of the best crossbows on the market with the extreme power of 430 fps, elegant design, and low draw weight than any other crossbow available out there. In fact, not only on 10kreviews but the weapon is ranked on other lists of top 10 worldwide because of its next-generation technologies and we strongly recommend it for all professional crossbow lovers. Keep in mind, if you’re a beginner, don’t go for the crossbow.

4. Tenpoint Stealth NXT Crossbow Review – Best Professional Crossbow

Tenpoint Stealth NXT

Manufacturer Tenpoint
Condition New
Crossbow type compound
Kinetic energy 138 ft.lbs

  • One of the best powerful crossbows
  • Design like a beast
  • All modern technologies offered
  • Lighter than many other best crossbows on the market
  • High end scope

  • One of the crossbows for the money(expensive) 

Yet another best crossbow in the list under 1500, the Tenpoint stealth NXT features and specs makes it a beast. In comparison to one of the Barnett Ghost 410, it has the same power of 410 FPS yet a different kinetic energy of 138 ft/pound. Not as powerful as the r20 sniper as it was able to cover the 100 yards distance where the Tenpoint Stealth NXT crossbow hits the 60 yards but still it’s better than many best crossbows on the market. With that said let me introduce you the Tenpoint Stealth NXT full review.

Tenpoint Stealth NXT Specs and features

Tenpoint has made it’s good reputation in the market over the years for launching the best compound crossbows and believe me they never compromise on the quality of their specs and features. You know what more interesting is? It’s the 8.25 inches of Rangemaster pro scope that is made out of aluminum which reduces the weight and has great accuracy among other crossbow scopes. Just like other best expensive crossbows that you see in the market, the Stealth NXT’s trigger is also equipped with the Anti-dry fire technology which enables itself as soon as you cock the crossbow. The draw weight of 220 pounds might not be the best thing for newbies but with the rope cocking, it’s reduced by almost 50%.

The crossbow has the Vector Quad cable technology and that is capable to employ 4 cables which help in increasing the strength of the strings. The XR6 cam is on a whole new level with the maximum rotation features alongside with the DUAL Flex limbs which are also offered by the Tenpoint Stealth NXT crossbow. The riser is even more impressive which is CNC machined and made up of aluminum were reducing the weight. We are not done yet, the crossbow has, even more, to offer for you.

The TRI-LOCK pocket system comes equipped in the crossbow that helps to align the limbs and pocket them in a perfect way. Also has the TAC-LITE aluminum barrel and you know what’s impressive about this technology? It can minimize the noise during taking a shot where on the other side, it helps in reducing the weight of the crossbow where the three-piece C3 also prevents the stock from vibrations. In short, the Tenpoint Stealth NXT is full of best crossbow accessories and technologies that you can get today.

Tenpoint Stealth NXT Design

The Stealth NXT is quite an attractive compound crossbow on the design side by following the predator camo color. Almost all the main parts of the crossbow are camouflage in color where you’ll notice the black color at the sides of the scope. The combination of Black and camouflage actually makes it look like a monster. Speaking of the Tenpoint Stealth NXT dimensions, it’s the narrowest of all best crossbows in our list with the width of exactly 6 inches when cocked along with the length of 33.6 inches.

As most of the parts on the crossbow made out of aluminum so the weight is reduced to 7.3 pounds, still a bit heavy than the Ravin R20 sniper but it’s acceptable where the trigger on the Tenpoint Stealth NXT is 3-1/2 pounds calculated so far. There are a 3 arrow quiver comes within the package that is attached below the crossbow limbs horizontally. A long story short, the Tenpoint Stealth NXT is categorized in the best crossbows that has everything at its best on the design side without any downsides.

Speaking of the price tag is something that can shock everyone while buying a crossbow and yes the Stealth NXT is more shocking with a high-end price tag of 1500 buck and yes it’s a pretty expensive crossbow for some of us.

Final Verdict

Loaded with modern technologies, Power like a beast, Perfectly accurate, elegant looks and yeah these all good things about the Stealth NXT makes it the best flagship in the crossbows world. According to my views, getting this best crossbow under 1500 completely worth it. For professionals it’s a great choice but not for beginners. Thanks to Tenpoint crossbows company for introducing this flagship to us.

5. Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow Review

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX

Manufacturer Tenpoint
Condition New
Crossbow type compound
Kinetic energy 125 ft.lbs

  • Narrow design
  • Faster enough
  • Best for target shooting and hunting
  • One of the most accurate crossbows
  • Perfectly adjusted stock

  • High end price tag
  • A bit heavy for small hands 

Tenpoint is completely crushing the market with their best crossbows since the day the company was launched and today we got our hands on another Tenpoint crossbow, the Carbon Nitro RDX and i decided to review it for you. Slower than the Stealth NXT where outranking other best crossbows on the market in speed, design and accessories, Nitro RDX is a complete hunting machine that you can get your hands on today. That said, let’s review this monster for good.

Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX Specs and Design

The decent feature of ACUdraw is something that I loved the most about the crossbow. The bow has its own draw weight of 165 pounds but you know what is the mind-blowing thing? the ACUdraw reduces the force to exactly 5 pounds making the cocking of the crossbow effortless. Now the choice is yours, whether to cock it with the original draw weight that the bow has or to use the ACUdraw.

The power of 385 FPS is what makes the crossbow capable of hunting down the large games like buffalo, deer, Elk etc where the small games can completely get crushed by the Nitro RDX. The exact kinetic energy during the arrow release is 125 ft.lbs where it has the TenPoint Carbon Elite Arrows to offer with the 3 arrows quiver and  Side-Mount Quiver Bracket.

Unlike the other cheap crossbows, the 1.5-5x RangeMaster Pro scope which is accurate straight out of the box and yes it plays a great role in hitting your desired target. For stability purposes, the C3 is offered by the Nitro RDX crossbow alongside with the Quiet, metal-injection molded for the reduction of noise and the dry fire prevents the automatic shots.

Moreover, the dimensions on the crossbow are something that makes it one of the narrowest crossbows with the width of 15.5 inches when un-cocked and 10 inches when cocked along with the pretty decent length of 34.25 inches. However, I am not impressed with the weight of 7.8 pounds. Just like other best-rated crossbows on the market, the Carbon Nitro RDX is one fine weapon with the power stroke of 16.5 inches.

Final Verdict

So far, the Carbon Nitro RDX is the second crossbow in the list from Tenpoint, slower than the Stealth NXT but fastest crossbow on the market than many other crossbows like Barnett Jackal package, Ghost 375 etc. The modern technologies for noise and vibrations make it the quietest crossbow and when it comes to target shooting or hunting a large game, Tenpoint Carbon Nitro RDX is the fine flagship in the best crossbows world.

6. Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow Review

Excalibur Micro Suppressor Crossbow

Manufacturer Excalibur
Condition New
Crossbow type Recurve
Kinetic energy 91 ft.lbs

  • Powerful and fast
  • Best crossbow with compact design
  • Quiet and vibrations free
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best for hunting and target shooting

  • Pricey
  • More draw weight 

Excalibur is one of the best crossbow brands mainly focused on manufacturing the best recurve crossbows with more power delivery, accuracy and design like a beast. This time we got our hands on the Excalibur Micro suppressor, proved to be one of the fastest shooting crossbows on the market while hitting a target with perfect downrange accuracy.  However, there is one thing that will make some of you upset about it which is the more draw weight. with that said let’s dive in to the full review of the Excalibur Micro suppressor.

Excalibur Micro Suppressor Specs, Assembly, Design

Assembling the crossbow usually takes a long time and when you’re a beginner, it’s even harder. No doubt, the Excalibur micro suppressor is easy to assemble. But as compared to other crossbows, it takes longer. As soon as you get the crossbow out of the box, the first thing you need to do is to assemble the limbs by attaching the riser to the stock. Then pick up the quiver bracket and assemble it with the Pic-Rail and for reducing the noise, vibrations and helping your crossbow to recoil, power up the bow with Ex-shox and you’re all set.

The Excalibur micro suppressor claimed to be the fastest speed of 355 FPS but after I got my hand on it and calculated the speed, it delivered around 343 FPS of speed yet still proven as one of the most powerful crossbows on the market. The draw weight of 280 pounds is something that pissed me off the most about the crossbow, I wasn’t able to pull it in the beginning but with the rope cocking device, the force reduces to 140 pounds and yes it was easy to cock. However, what I am impressed with is that it’s the lightest crossbow with the weight of only 5.4 pounds.

Comes with the high-quality Excalibur Tact-Zone illuminated scope and that is accurate straight out of the box where it’s the best scope so far on the market. It can really work better between the velocities of 270 FPS to 400 FPS and to get the most out of while mounted on the Micro suppressor, you need to set the velocity to 343 FPS on the crossbow. You know what’s amazing about this best hunting crossbow? You can absolutely use any 150 grains arrows of minimum 16.5 inches where the crossbow package provides the three arrow quivers with bracket for them.

Final Verdict

Categorized in the most powerful crossbows list, the Excalibur micro suppressor the on top of the line recurve crossbow for hunters. The power and speed are tremendous with great accuracy. It’s the lightest crossbow among all the crossbows in the 10kreviews list and is absolutely quiet and vibrations free. It’s easy for it to take one anything from 50 yards. So if you’re looking for the most lightweight crossbow? Micro Suppressor is here for you.

7. Centerpoint Mercenary Whisper 390 Review

Centerpoint Mercenary Whisper 390

Manufacturer Centerpoint
Condition New
Crossbow type compound
Kinetic energy N/A

  • Faster with 390 FPS
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Offers all technologies for reducing noise and vibrations
  • Compact design

  • Low built quality
  • More draw weight 

Till now the best crossbows you have seen on the list are the most expensive ones. So now let’s start with the best affordable crossbows on the list, starting with Centerpoint Mercenary whisper 390, a bow with much velocity of 390 FPS and good design. With that said, let me dive straight in to the Mercenary Whisper 390 review to let you know more about it before you get your hands on it.

The first thing is the AR style butt stock which is important to mention because the exact feature that will allow you to have a perfect for length and cheek position while shooting at the target. The Centerpoint Mercenary whisper 390 is even more impressive with the 4x32mm accurate scope which makes the sighting in of the target much easy. Matter of fact, the scope increases the accuracy of the crossbow.

Moreover, the crossbows come super fast with the velocity of 390 FPS proven to be faster than the Excalibur Micro suppressor. However, Whisper 390 doesn’t offer that many modern technologies as much as the Micro suppressor does. But here we’re speaking of the crossbow under 500 bucks, not the 1000 buck. So keeping that in mind, Everything that the whisper 390 crossbow offers completely worth it.

It’s absolutely the quietest crossbow as it’s powered with the limp dampeners, Whisper Silencing System and two other technologies like string stops and spider silencer. With all of these equipped in the crossbow leads to a headache free target shooting and hunting. Hence, the best affordable crossbow on this part.

If more draw weight is required, it means you have applied more pull force right? I am not really happy about saying that the Centerpoint Mercenary whisper 390 has the draw weight of 185 pounds. But what I am happy about is that the package has a cocking rope device that reduces the draw force by 50%. The side quiver really helps in keeping the 420 grains of 20-inch arrows safe, eliminating the stress of losing any of them while hunting.

Final Verdict

You can consider it the best crossbow for deer hunting or you can call it the fastest shooting crossbow, both the names suits the Centerpoint Mercenary whisper 390 crossbows. The delivery of much power by this crossbow allows it to take on any game in the wild including the Buffalo. If you were searching for the best affordable crossbow which is fast, accurate and lightweight, so here you have it.

8. Karnage Apocalypse Crossbow Review – Best Crossbow For Women

Karnage Apocalypse Crossbow

Manufacturer Bear X
Condition New
Crossbow type compound
Kinetic energy 111 ft.lbs

  • Fastest crossbow under 300
  • Powerful with much kinetic energy
  • High quality scope
  • Accuracy at it’s highest level
  • Best budget crossbow for hunting

  • Doesn’t offer much of the modern technologies 

I don’t call it a best crossbow when it doesn’t offer the highest velocity, in-fact there many out there like the inferno fury, Now i am against that crossbow at all, it’s a best crossbow for beginners, But for professional level crossbows lovers, the Karnage Apocalypse is one of the powerful crossbows with the heated up velocity of 370 fps. In-fact it’s on top of line compound crossbow under 300 in the game. I think it’s enough introduction, let’s open the gates to the Karnage Apocalypse review. shou we?

Now that you know about the speed, you might be thinking about the other features the crossbow has to offer. So get this, the weapon is one of the best crossbows featuring the draw weight of 175 pounds without rope cocking device but cocking with the device reduce it by 50%. It’s super compact while having only 18 inches width and overall weight of 7.5 pounds.

Moreover, the kinetic energy during the arrow release is calculated 111 ft.lbs which are reasonable for the best crossbow under 300. As the Karnage brand is from Bear archery so they always focus on the best of accessories to put out on the market. Here the 3 K20 carbon bolts are the best thing about this best powerful crossbow that can penetrate straight into your prey with the speed of 370 FPS. The bow has, even more, to offer which are also mentioned below.

The handgrip that you can adjust according to your desire along with the most accurate scope of 4 x 32mm called as the Hawke with the GC Camo. Pretty interesting right? Moreover, the 4 arrows quiver is attached right below the crossbow in a crucifixion position where it has the option of detachment so that you can split the quiver and the bow anytime and anywhere. The one technology which is common in all best-rated crossbows is the Ant-dry fire and here it is also powered in the Karnage Apocalypse crossbow.

The Apocalypse is a pretty decent crossbow under 300 but guess what? it’s louder than the other because of the missing technologies like string dampeners and the other ones for vibrations reduction. But you don’t have to worry about that, the crossbow is complete customization and you can add them afterward.

Final Verdict

The design like a monster, speed like a predator, perfectly accurate, what else do you expect in a crossbow under 300? lightweight? top quality scope? yes, the Karnege Apocalypse has it all in the affordable price. So if you’re looking for the best budget crossbow that can fulfill your requirements, this is another one of the best crossbows for you in our reviews list.

9. Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter ii 350 fps Crossbow Review

BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II

Manufacturer Barnett
Condition New
Crossbow type compound
Kinetic energy 103 ft.lbs

  • One of best rated crossbows
  • Powerful and faster
  • Perfect downrange accuracy
  • Best for professionals and beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Beautifully designed compound crossbow

  • ADF system break down

I am sure that you know about Barnett and you would have also read our other Barnett crossbow reviews at #1 and #2 but those ones are pretty much the best crossbows for the money and I am pretty sure for some us those are not budget friendly. So here we’re with the Barnett 78128 whitetail hunter II known as a best budget crossbow with the fastest speed of 350 FPS with 103 ft lbs of kinetic energy and accuracy like a sniper. with that said let’s hop in to the whitetail 78128 hunter II full review.

The blazing speed of 350 FPS is actually something that almost every crossbow lover would like in a crossbow. The reason for that is that you can penetrate almost everything with such power all from 50 yards and Barnett whitetail 78128 hunter II crossbows do the same thing with its prey. You know what’s the most interesting thing is? it’s the 4 pounds lightweight of the crossbow that makes it a perfect crossbow for beginners.

The build quality is amazing with stainless steel and almost all the components are made from the same material that makes the crossbow last long maintaining the quality. The Nock sensor is the amazing feature that is powered in for the vibrations reduction and plays a great role in crossbow accuracy. Moreover, the much modern technology like ADF eliminate dry fires is also added to the crossbow to help it avoid the dry fire.

The Barnett 78128 Whitetail hunter II include a 4x32mm high-quality scope for taking a perfect shot. Despite having 150 pounds of draw weight, it’s easy to cock the crossbow with the rope cocking device. The package has the 2 20 hunter arrows to offer along with the lightest quiver attached right below the crossbow. One more thing that I would mention is the lube was that comes within the package and I highly recommend applying it to the crossbow after every 8 to 10 shot to maintain the build quality.

With having a best crossbow, there also comes some problems, the first one is the ADF break down that you might find out sometimes in the crossbow and the other one is the scope sight in which takes a bit long. Despite, the scope overall quality is good.

Final Verdict

Manufactured with one of the best crossbows brands, used by many hunters, satisfactory results 4.5 out of 5, the Barnett 78128 whitetail hunter II is the best affordable crossbow under 400 where still delivers the most power and speed. The weapon is suitable for professionals, beginners and most important, its lightweight proved it to be the best crossbow for women.

10. Barnett Recruit Youth 60 Review – Best Crossbow For Beginners

Barnett Recruit Youth 60 Crossbow Package

Manufacturer Barnett
Condition New
Crossbow type compound
Kinetic energy 34 ft.lbs

  • Best for beginners with much speed
  • Great design
  • Light weight
  • Cheap crossbow
  • Best for target shooting

  • Not impressive on the build quality side

So here we are at the end of the list with another one of the Barnett crossbow reviews of the Recruit Youth 60, a perfect beast for small frame person. It’s a bit heavy than than the 78128 whitetail hunter II but much lighter than the Barnett Jackal while having a the overall weight of 6.3 pounds. Despite the fact that it has the low end price tag and you can get the crossbow under 200 bucks, it’s still one of the best powerful crossbows for beginners with the delivery of much kinetic energy that results in high speed. Let’s know more about it in the Recruit Youth 60 review.

This is probably the best crossbow for beginners with the speed of 195 FPS with 34 ft.lbs kinetic energy, doesn’t sound much faster right? but if you’re a newbie and thinking to start a hunting game, the Barnett Recruit Youth is better for taking a good start. Initially, you can’t go out there in the wild and take on your pray. It takes lots of practice to get to that level. right? so better to get a fresh start with this one and than get to a faster one.

Moreover, the butt pad on the crossbow is completely adjustable and the amazing thing is that it only requires 60 pounds of draw force. This is the best youth crossbow that also has the Red Dot sights to offer which is better for increasing your shooting accuracy skills. The flight tracking device added to a crossbow along with the fingers safety reminders and a perfect foregrip technology.

You would be thinking if the crossbow is that cheap, it wouldn’t offer much of the technology but guess what? it also has a rope cocking device that almost all of our 10 best crossbows has and 3 arrows quiver for the safety of your arrows. These all technologies that I mentioned in the third and fourth paragraph makes it one the best crossbows for beginners.

Despite all the facts, the crossbow is a little weak on the build quality side which is the only problem this crossbow is having but still having this crossbow under 200 worth it.

Final Verdict

Are you a beginner in the crossbows game? if yes, the Barnett Recruit youth 60 is here for you with all the features and specs that are needed for a good start. The weapon proved itself to be the best youth crossbow over the years and is a better choice for target shooting because it’s a good cheap crossbow for newbies.

Wrapping Up the Top 10 Best Crossbows

How Powerful is a Crossbow

The best crossbows list that we managed to compile for includes all top rated crossbows on the market and yes some of these were above our expectations with the highest velocities and some of them were not according to our expectations with the high-end price tags.

So here you have it, the most powerful crossbows that you can get your hands on today. So now that you know what experience we had with these crossbows, it wouldn’t be hard for you to choose the right one.

If you have scrolled down directly to the conclusion portion, please make sure you don’t read just the titles of the crossbows but also the whole crossbow reviews so that you don’t get your hands on the wrong weapon.

That’s it from 10kreviews team and now it’s your turn to let us know in the comment box about these best crossbows 2024. Peace 🙂

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