5 Key Benefits of Using Powerful Advanced Threat Protection – 2024 Guide

Advanced threat protection (ATP) is a security essential these days. As threats increase in boldness and severity, you need more robust security measures to guard against such things. Threats can manifest themselves as a dangerous link, a malware-infested email, or other online attacks. With the sheer variety of threats out there, it’s imperative to protect yourself by implementing some sort of ATP into your home or business systems. Here are a few superb benefits of using ATP:

Real-time protection

The purpose of ATP is to defend against complex malware and sophisticated cyberattacks. Stealthy attacks are steadily on the rise. Instead of a direct attack, hackers are aiming for attack types that will lure unsuspecting victims to malicious websites or payloads that’ll infect their systems. Stealthy attacks are more sophisticated, often created specifically to target a particular organization’s assets.

They may be used to steal intellectual property and proprietary secrets, or merely encrypt a company’s data for the purpose of extracting payment in exchange for it. ATP uses a mix of real-time monitoring, content analysis, and detection protocols to defend against possible threats in real-time. This way, users can take swift action before a potential threat has the opportunity to infiltrate their systems.

The XDR Advantage

As the nature and diversity of online threats constantly shift, the need for more powerful detection methods getting worse over time. Fortunately, XDR—extended detection and response—steps up to the rescue in most situations. XDR works across multiple layers, including email, endpoints, and the cloud. It works by tracking and correlating various threat data across these layers, then disseminating usable information for analysts to investigate potential threats.

XDR is a unique, largely automated process that makes advanced threat protection less overwhelming for security teams. Taking advantage of XDR allows security teams to see a much broader view of an attack, as it aggregates threat data from multiple sources to help your security team visualize an attack, how it happened, and how its entire lifecycle plays out.

Powerful network protection

network protection

Do you know how many of your network ports your current security software is protecting? It’s probably a small number. Fortunately, 360-degree protection offers full coverage for every single network port and network protocol through constant monitoring analysis. It can discover attacks moving in, out, or across the network in real-time.

Incorporating powerful advanced threat protection into your enterprise or personal systems is especially useful for defending against command and control attacks, malware, and other antagonistic communications that may not be visible to other applications. Full protection can bolster your security by clearly defining threats, creating an action plan, as well as helping with failover and/or recovery in the long-term.

Specialized sandbox analysis

Sandbox analysis is a valuable tool for managing malware and other threats within a unique virtual environment. When ATP software detects a potential threat—whether it’s via an executable file, attachment, or URL—the system sends it to a virtual environment called a sandbox. While in the sandbox, the code can be executed and security teams can see what it is, what it does, how it functions, and figure out ways to defend against it.

Sandboxes run in virtual machines (essentially software that emulates an operating system) separate from the company’s infrastructure, so any negative effects of the malware will not affect the enterprise. Sandbox analysis is useful against a variety of threats, including:

  • Malware
  • Zero-day exploits
  • Exploit detection
  • Sophisticated threats
  • Ransomware
  • Viruses

Using this powerful, customizable tool, security teams and users alike can gain valuable insight into an array of threats across endpoints, web gateways, email, and more.

Uperior Intelligence

With the ubiquity and consistent danger of online threats, it’s no surprise security teams work tirelessly to battle constantly evolving threats. Hackers and malware creators will always get more creative, finding ways to evade even the most robust security measures. Likewise, cybersecurity professionals find ways to fight back.

One way your ATP security suite can help is by collecting, correlating, sharing, and analyzing data from the threats targeting your enterprise. Then, the system can correlate it with other data extracted from your network traffic to give you an overall view of each threat. Intelligence sharing provides invaluable visibility into your systems while providing the accurate, real-time data you need to keep threats at bay.

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